Primary School Gay Curriculum

Calif. District Creates Primary School Gay Curriculum

Monday, June 1, 2009 3:24 PM

By: Rick Pedraza

This is the headline for an article that describes how Alameda County, Calif, schools are planning to introduce lessons that will be designed to prevent bullying and teasing based on stereotypes. You can find the full article here: The way it is written indicates that many parents are upset:

Promoting gay, lesbian and sexual orientation should be a parents’ rights issue, parents say, and is not an appropriate topic for school children.

So it’s OK to promote bullying, but not OK to promote tolerance or inclusiveness? WTF?

3 thoughts on “Primary School Gay Curriculum

  1. Pretty much, Les.  I mean, if you get down to brass tacks, so much of Religious Right’s wailing and screaming regarding this and gay marriage and other inclusive legislation simply comes down to: “But that’ll take away my God-given right to discriminate as I see fit!”  ‘Cause let’s face it,—aren’t gays really the last group that it’s still a-okay to hate, so long as you swaddle that bigotry in religious terms?

  2. Sorry, leguru.  I thought Les had posted this, so I addressed my response to him.

  3. Thats well groovy! And looks to be an important step forward for healthy open mindedness. If this catches on then the most optomistic suposition is that it may have a domino effect on other types of discrimination. Of course the most optomistic prediction almost nether come true and the way people seem so weirdly oposed to it is perhaps not a good sign.

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