Nice weekend. Spent it doing nothing much.

Last week was rough. We’ve been ramping back up at work to a point closer to full capacity and as a result all the workstations that had problems that were never reported, because the user just moved to an open station, suddenly we’re being reported. Plus I was training our new tech at the same time. It was stressful enough that my lower lip broke out with a cold sore that makes me look like I got into a serious fistfight with someone. People keep coming up to me and asking me whose ass I kicked.

The one highlight of the week was getting to meet and spend time with SEB regular Zilch, who was in town for a few days during what sounds like a whirlwind tour of the U.S.. We hung out Wednesday and Friday chatting up a storm and eating dinner out. Friday I drove him all the way up to the wilds of Otisville to see my folks for a bit. It was also a chance to show off a bit more of Michigan than just Ann Arbor, even though Otisville isn’t the tourist mecca of Michigan. The ride back took us through a major thunderstorm that started off with beautiful Anvil Crawler Lightning, a phenomenon that Zilch says he had never seen before, and ended with a torrential downpour that made driving hazardous for the last leg of the trip. We made it back in one piece though and in the morning I treated Zilch to breakfast at Denny’s. Because you can’t come all the way from Vienna, Austria and not get stuck eating in a Denny’s at least once.

Didn’t do much for Father’s day. I saw my Dad on Friday and gave him his card and gift then and we had dinner with my Father-in-Law last night. Courtney called me on Saturday to wish me a happy father’s day and ask what kind of fudge I like. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, I was going to make a big blog post out of it at one point and didn’t, but she’s working in a fudge shop all the way up in Mackinaw City on Mackinaw Island. A job I wasn’t all too keen for her to take as she plans on missing the first semester of college this fall as it requires her to stay through October. That and the fact that she’s some 274 miles away—about a four drive from Ann Arbor—which makes helping her difficult if something goes awry, but I was more concerned about the skipping of school. Anyway, she wanted to send me some of the fudge she’s made so she asked what kind I liked so she could send it along for Father’s Day. Trouble is I don’t like fudge other than the occasional bit of hot fudge on a sundae or banana split. I told her to save her money and just send me a card.

The rest of the weekend was spent either playing video games or watching movies with my cat and/or wife (depending on whether it was Saturday when she worked or Sunday when she didn’t). Barely checked email, didn’t blog or twitter much at all. Pretty much switched the brain off and recuperated. Now it’s time to start another work week. Here’s hoping this one is a little less stressful. Though with my midterms in class this week chances are it won’t be.

3 thoughts on “Nice weekend. Spent it doing nothing much.

  1. It sounds like the r&r on Saturday and Sunday was well needed!  Thank you for bringing Zilch up we really enjoyed the visit.

  2. Happy Father’s Day!  letting your child go away to serve goodies to tourists means you are a good dad after all.

    like you, I tell my sons to just send a card for special occasions.  Save their money now so I can retire in the nicest rest home their income allows.

    for Christmas, Middle Son went all out and actually—made—a card, with a neat picture and hand-lettered verse

  3. Yep Happy Father’s Day a day late!  Thought about calling you but I was working in the new home and slipped out of my noodle!

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