I’ve been contacted by German news show “MorgenMagazin.”

Seems they’re coming to Michigan to do a news story on the transformation that the city of Detroit is going through. The show’s producer came across one of my entries about having a hard time finding work and how we were considering leaving Michigan, a discussion we just had again the other night, and dropped me an email. She’s looking for people who used to work for GM and are now thinking of moving away. I technically qualify on both counts, but I wasn’t a part of the massive layoffs that are about to happen having left GM voluntarily over a year ago. The fact that I was also a contractor probably means I’m not the person she’s hoping to interview, but perhaps I can point her to someone who is.

So if you’re in the Detroit area and are a former or soon-to-be former employee of GM and are thinking about moving out of Michigan let me know. The story’s deadline is Thursday. They plan to be here today and/or tomorrow. I don’t think you absolutely have to be living IN Detroit to participate, the fate of GM is going to affect pretty much all of South Eastern Michigan and the State as a whole, but there’s probably bonus points if you are.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been contacted by German news show “MorgenMagazin.”

  1. Ah, and I thought you were about to say that they’re going around the world interviewing all the stupid evil bastards they could find.

    You’ll post a pointer to the article when it’s out, of course, right?

  2. Well I never heard from them yesterday so either they didn’t make it in like they’d hoped or they found other sources. I’ll let you know if I hear from them today.

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