It’s funny ‘cause it’s true…

john ensign

… and also kind of sad.

17 thoughts on “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true…

  1. It never does end with them. They portray themselves as some kind of virtuous angels. But when you start opening up their closets, all kinds of skeletons are found.

  2. Can they start arresting the likes of Nancy Grace for her permanent state of indignation.
    I personally find it completely offensive and I bet she has some love child case or something similar in here closet somewhere probably with the equally indignant Anderson 360 guy.
    Neo conservatives are nearly as annoying as ultra liberals.
    I say “round ‘em up, put ‘em in a field, and bomb the b’stards!”
    Actually, Kenny Everett said that really;

  3. Geez Chris, we just had a thread where we talked about how advocating violence against those who disagree with us is a bad thing.

    As much as some people on the right bug the shit out of me the last thing I’d want to do is bomb them or anyone else. I’d be happy if they’d at least own up to their own failings and perhaps go away for awhile for some quiet reflection, but there’s no money in that so it’s not likely to happen.

  4. The Republicans are producing some fine candidates to run against Obama in ‘12. They’ve given us Gov. Palin, a close friend of prime minister Sarkozy. They have given us Gov. Jindal, of Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. They have given us Michael Steele, which speaks for itself. And they have given us Mr. Integrity, Gov. Sanford of Argentina. Great list.

  5. Oh yes, I forgot to mention Mr. Ensign himself. He, along with Newt Gingrich, who also might run in 2012, were both sterling Crusaders against Clinton, as the cartoon alludes to, and now both admit to having had affairs at that time as well. Great.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. Well, I guess you could, but it is still dizzyingly hypocritical.

  6. I say they just throw away the pretense and have a Rush/Palin ticket along with promises to bring Ann Coulter in as the Minister of War, Fred Phelps as their Secretary of the Veteran’s Affairs, and the guy who shot Dr. Tiller the other day as the Surgeon General.

    Really. I want to see how many votes they get, because if it’s statistically significant in any way I think it’s time to leave.

  7. Hey, Les, it was meant “tongue in cheek”.
    On a site called Stupid Evil Bastard I thought some juvenile schoolboy humour would be fairly well tolerated.
    I absolutely do not condone violence to anything … except pinatas … they are just asking for it.

  8. Not a problem, Chris. The text medium is absent tone of voice which makes it difficult at times to determine when folks aren’t serious.

  9. I absolutely do not condone violence to anything … except pinatas … they are just asking for it.

    I take offense to that. I am a pirate, and proud of it. May the FSM touch you with his noodly appendage.


    Oh, wait, that was piñatas, not pirates.  raspberry

  10. I am already touched by the one true supreme pasta being and I travel the high seas every week day in the pursuit of gold so I guess that makes us spiritual brothers RAmen.

  11. Try Character Map under System Tools for the ñ instead of n. And, have you considered traveling the low seas, as well?  cheese
    Looking forward to the beer volcanoes and strippers, brother.

  12. Ah the low seas, pipes and sewer crocs. If you’re sailing the low seas then you’re a sturdy pirate indeed.

  13. Hey, leguru,
    I’m on a Mac, all I have to do is Alt N N and I get ñ
    I just couldn’t be arsed to think about it that’s all!
    But thx for the tip anyway, you’re never too old to be educated but for some it’s just pointless smile

    Hi Les,
    I notice I get a US flag even though I gave a different country … is that just a ploy to annoy non americans, or have you annexed Canada without us knowing wink

  14. Due to the current economic crisis Canada has been added to the US in a series of intense high level discussions recently, tentatively called “The Canuck Purchase” so that underfunded episodes of Terrance & Philip can continue to be made.

    In further news, we’ve decided to rename Toronto “Upper Philadelphia” and enslave the population of Prince Edward Island for medical research purposes. The residents of the rest of our newest states will remain to be unaffected, except for Quebec – we’re releasing the zombies now.

    That is all.

  15. For a moment there, I thought that was Barry Bostwick from Spin City.

    Thank god for alt-text.

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