I love how anachronistic “World of Warcraft” can be.

Where else can a Dwarven Hunter with a cat-like Spirit Beast run around with a pole arm and rifle while driving one of these:

Click to embiggen!

My main character, Balfour, would fit right in with any biker gang. Best of all it has a fold-out sidecar so I can take folks for a ride.

The really sad part is that instead of just saving up the 15,000 to 18,000 gold they go for and buying one off the game’s Auction House I opted instead to take up the Engineering trade skill and level it all the way up to 450 (maximum), do hundreds of quests needed to get the reputation with a certain faction just to buy the plans, then spent 12 days making the titansteel bars (can only make ONE A DAY), and still had to spend 12,500G for the parts that I can’t make myself, just to have that silly mount. That says you can pretty much count me out for ever helping to find a cure for cancer.

Still, the ladies do like a man on a motor bike!

9 thoughts on “I love how anachronistic “World of Warcraft” can be.

  1. Yeah.  I already forge the 12 Titansteels for a bike for my main, but I still have to get her Alliance Vanguard(The character who’s gonna forge it is a Gnome Engineer.  My main is a Human) to exalted and I still gotta save a lot of money for forging a bike.

    I must be crazy.

  2. Yeah yeah, so I got an extra 0 in there. I was excited.

    Fixed now.

    Douglas, the trick is to take two gathering professions such as skinning/mining or skinning/herbing and then gather stuff while you’re questing and then sell it all. Or if, like me, you insist on taking a trade skill like Engineering (which makes almost no money) then occasionally you should just go out and farm a bunch of ore, make it into bars, and sell it on the Auction House.

    About an hour of flying around mining Saronite nets me about 100* bars worth plus miscellaneous gems and some titanium to boot. That’s enough to make about 1000G a day on the AH. Five hours of gathering will get you your 5K pretty quickly.

    *Edited to change 200 bars to 100 bars. It nets about 200 ore which is about 100 bars.

  3. I still need to get my rep up with them to be able to buy it. Still want to get the 18K together for the three passenger Mammoth mount that has its own vendors.

  4. I now feel slightly better for devoting the past two and a half days to being the “Flame Keeper”.  raspberry

  5. Congratulations! I have been eyeing that mechano-hog on my eng. orc DK. I am glad I have another 80 that is making titansteel now. Only drawback is I am leveling this DK with my best friend, who has another baby on the way so his playtime is limited.

    I don’t mind, good things come to those who wait! Again, congratulations!

  6. Grats Les but personally I hate having these bikes in WoW,as well as the planes and choppers.I mean – this is meant to be fantasy for fucks sake! (mind you,I dont mind the steam-punk gnomish stuff too much nor the rifles and cannons)
    One of the things I liked best with the NR xpack was the new “viking” look to the crossbows and guns – they looked like Star Trek rejects in BC.
    Ah well … each to their own.

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