Games I’m looking forward to: “Left 4 Dead 2.”

Valve’s Left 4 Dead first person shooter was a major surprise in how much it felt like being stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse worthy of any summer blockbuster movie. It seems like it came out only yesterday (it was actually last November) and already they’ve announced a sequel due to hit this coming November. Here’s the teaser trailer:

OMFG we get to use melee weapons including A FREAKIN’ CHAINSAW?!?!? Count me in on some zombie killing action come next November! I may have to break my rule about not buying myself games so close to Krismas this year!

4 thoughts on “Games I’m looking forward to: “Left 4 Dead 2.”

  1. Very uncharacteristic move by Valve releasing a sequel only a year a later.

    Many expected the same level of support and extra content for L4D as is still being heaped upon TF2.

    I know it was the only reason I justified spending the full $50 on L4D. I certainly won’t be picking up L4D2 at full price and probably won’t be at all unless it comes at a steep discount for owners of L4D or bundled with HL2:Ep3 a la the Orange Box.

  2. Nominate George A. Romero & Danny Boyle to collaberate on the movie together, should be fun.

  3. Seph, I have to admit that I waited for L4D to be on sale for $25 before buying it myself. Valve hasn’t said one way or the other if it’ll be seeing more content, but I hope it does.

  4. They aren’t really releasing anything (so far) as extra content (other than the new versus maps and survival mode).  They released the code to officially make your own content.  I think that is what they are counting on, others making stuff for it for free.

    I am just excited I get to use a chainsaw or axe!!!  I am all about the melee!

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