Been a tad bit busy.

Had a three day weekend as SEB Regular Zilch is headed into town and I had anticipated spending Monday with him, but it turns out he wasn’t able to make it in until today. Spent a good chunk of the rest of the weekend cleaning the apartment up for his visit. What little downtime I had I spent playing WoW so I didn’t get any posting done over the past few days. Then today at work I spent the day training the new tech that we just hired so no posting during work either. Now I’m home and getting ready for class tonight so this quick blurb is all you’re going to get for the moment. Just thought you’d like to know I didn’t die or something.

Consider this an open thread to chat about whatever you feel like.

5 thoughts on “Been a tad bit busy.

  1. It is my understanding that the Decrepiters are also on the visitor’s route.
    I’m hoping all goes well, even with my lackluster housekeeping.

  2. The visit with Zilch hasn’t happened yet, but it’ll be happening today after work. Seems he’ll be in the area for several days and may even crash with us for a couple of nights.

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