At least he was honest about his intentions…

I just deleted a comment spam that was refreshingly honest. Well, the spam itself wasn’t, but the website it linked to was. The comment, left by a “Frank”, was ironically put into a thread wherein I bitched about porn spam in the guestbook app that SEB once had in the past. His comment consisted of the following statement: “You are the very nice web site.”

I think it’s the first time someone has told me that I was “the very nice website” as opposed to having a very nice website. Clicking the link he left in the URL field took me to a single page website with the title “Dexeit”, which probably translates into something, but I have no idea what. It is this page that is refreshingly honest. The fellow behind it isn’t out to sell you anything or steal your identity or scam you in any way. All he wants is for you to give him your money:

Let’s share your money with me.

This is not charity.

Someone said that the Internet is the worst invention of the world, many people support the opposite instead.

Now on the Internet we can find everything.

I promise you that i will spend your spontaneous donations in the most creative and original ways that you can imagine.

For yours donations:  [link to paypal donation button removed]

Straightforward, honest, and efficient. I suppose it never hurts to ask. That didn’t stop me from deleting his comment spam, but I don’t feel the same animosity towards this guy as I do the usual comment spammers. If nothing else it made for a nice change from the usual spam.

2 thoughts on “At least he was honest about his intentions…

  1. I corroborate, on my honor as a godforsaken atheist, that while Les is very nice, and has certain website patterns in his brain, he is not himself a website.  In fact, he is going to pick me up any time now, in the physical plane, so I’d better shut this box down and skedaddle.

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