A little dose of reality can change your mind pretty damn quick.

Conservative radio-host Eric “Mancow” Muller has long claimed that waterboarding isn’t torture on his show. He recently decided to put his money where his mouth was and agreed to being waterboarded himself. He went into it thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal and he’d be able to hold out for 30 or 50 seconds—he lasted a mere six seconds after which he declared it’s definitely torture. Keith Olbermann had him on to talk about his experience in an interview:

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It’s worth pointing out that Mancow didn’t even experience what the detainees in Gitmo have had to endure. The cot he was laying on was even and not at a head-down incline, he wasn’t restrained, and he had the ability to stop it at any time. It was done to him once for a total of six seconds. Compare that to the 83 waterboardings in a month that Abu Zubdaydah was subjected to. Hell even Christopher Hitchens went through it twice before confirming it’s torture.

Six seconds. That says a lot about how quickly you can change your mind when you experience it for yourself. I love that Sean Hannity, who boastfully claimed he would be willing to be waterboarded for charity a few weeks back, called up Mancow and told him “It’s still not torture.” Hannity doesn’t have the balls to try it himself and find out.

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8 thoughts on “A little dose of reality can change your mind pretty damn quick.

  1. Hannity is a fuckin’ pussy! Someone should FORCE him to undergo the procedure or be barred from any further public statements that it’s not torture.

    I think it’s commendable that Mancow was truthful about the experience and admits that going through it made him change his mind. Good shit right there!

  2. So… torture Hannity until he admits that it’s torture, in order to help fight against the use of torture?

  3. There was a debate over Hannity on Pharyngula: if he did it he could still turn it to a ‘victory’. “Yes it is torture, but I would have told them where I planted a bomb to get it to stop, so it is still a goof thing.”

    I’m in favour of giving Inannity the full treatment- snatch squad, cold room with light on 24 hours a day and radio static, THEN waterboard him.  All he has to do to get it to stop is admit that he hire underage male prostitutes so he can give them blow-jobs.

  4. Given the differences I mentioned in how he was waterboarded versus what I know of the practice I’m not surprised that it may have been done as a publicity stunt. He certainly seems sincere in his statements about it though, which is kind of funny when you consider the idea that he couldn’t stand six seconds of having water poured on his face.

  5. Have any of the proponents of waterboarding, who deny it is torture and have actually experienced it, maintained their position that it isn’t torture?

    Haven’t heard of any yet and with all the controversy over waterboarding you would certainly think it would be widely publicized.

  6. Eyes, as far as I know the answer to that question is no. Pretty much everyone who has actually experienced it says it’s torture.

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