Zero Punctuation reviews “Duke Nukem Forever”

What’s that you say? DNF was never released? Pish posh! Pesky things like actually being released never stops a truly great game reviewer! Check it:

I have a sneaking suspicion that the fact that 3DRealms is dead and buried will in no way stop discussions of Duke Nukem Forever happening well into the next century. Only now it’ll all be speculation about how awesome a game it would’ve been instead of speculation on if it’ll ever come out.

3 thoughts on “Zero Punctuation reviews “Duke Nukem Forever”

  1. Pretty funny and he has some very good points.

    I love Yahtzee’s videos, but I always make sure to his reviews with a slab of salt. Note, Zero Punctuation is updated every Wednesday with a new video.

    Zero Punctuation

  2. Yeah i’m a big fan too.Highly recommend everyone who loves games goes and checks it out – theres about 50 or so by now.Probably not work safe however wink

  3. I actually think Duke Nukem Forever WILL still come out. Too big to pass up, even if approached as a joke by whoever snaps up the intellectual property rights…!

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