SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “Star Trek”

This will be short and spoiler-free.

The wife and I saw a late showing of the new Star Trek on Saturday night so I thought I’d take a moment to offer my thoughts. Keep in mind that this comes from someone (me) who absolutely detests The Original Series, thinks The Next Generation was tolerable, couldn’t stand Deep Space Nine, and lost interest in both Voyager and Enterprise within the span of a single episode. In other words I’m about as far from a Trek Fanboy as you can get.

That said, you should go see this movie. Had the original TV series been half as entertaining as this movie I’d be a die hard fan. Simon Pegg as Scotty steals every scene he’s in making me wish he’d shown up earlier. When I left the theater I was actually excited about the prospect of this becoming a new franchise, assuming they’re able to get everyone to sign up for another outing. So go see it even if, like me, you’re not a Star Trek fanboy.

8 thoughts on “SEB 30 Second Movie Reviews: “Star Trek”

  1. I loved the original series, found Next Generation tolerable, and couldn’t stand anything after that point. But I’ll see this one for Simon Pegg. I like him that much.

  2. I didn’t like Simon at all in this movie…but I am a Trekkie almost ( I like the original, The Next Gen, and DS9 to a point, but nothing else). 

    But, I did enjoy the movie for the most part even though some of the cinematography had me scratching my head.  There were too many scenes where I just didn’t understand why they did them the way they did (I don’t want to give away anything either) and the music was too close to LoTR for my taste.

    Again, though…I did enjoy it over all and I also recommend it.



  3. But that is… illogical captain.

    Next Gen is the only one where the C/O acts like he is actually the captain of a major capital ship- but then 1) Patrick Stewart can act and 2) his father was a British army officer.  Ryker’s and idiot though.

  4. I loved them all!  (not Enterprise, though).  My car has a “Vulcan Science Academy” sticker on the back.



  5. I appreciated the original series for groundbreaking and sheer arbitrary goofiness, and the occasional episode of TNG when it was brilliant. Much less so when it was truly, tragically, terrible though, of which TNG had way too many of.

    I couldn’t get into the story arcs of DS9 and while I really wanted to like Voyager I couldn’t stand the Captain so that was pretty much right out. Even though the writing in the story arcs of Enterprise were just as horrible as TNG could delve into, overall I think it was a much stronger series than people give it credit for. While Enterprise didn’t have Brent Spinner and Patrick Stewart to lean on, neither was it saddled with Wil Weaton’s Wesley Crusher or Johnathan Frakes.

    Just saw the new movie. It had highs and lows, but overall I think it’s probably a good move in terms of pushing the franchise beyond its original concepts and preparing for the future. I’m not completely sold on the “story” reasons for Chris Pines sitting in the good chair, but he sold me on the idea of him as Kirk much more than I did with Karl’s Urban’s McCoy or Simon Pegg’s Scotty. Don’t get me wrong, I like Simon Pegg but for some reason I kept imagining Christopher Eccleston in the role and every time I did Pegg’s performance just seemed less credible. YMMV.

  6. TOS: Sucked completely. Can’t stand it.
    TNG: Loved it, even though it had its dull points.
    DS9: Tolerable but not groundbreaking. I’m through the first season right now.
    Voyager: Decent. It had very interesting points about time, but dove too cheaply to keep viewers (The sexy Seven of Nine) and captain Janeway was annoying.
    Enterprise: Can’t stand it. Too clichĂ©.

  7. I grew up only ever getting glimpses of TOS, and TNG was something that used to keep me glued to the TV (but back then, I wasn’t nearly as critical of TV as now).

    Still – the movie has a lot of funny and touching points in the writing.

    They do a good job of actually explaining the old Scotty’s almost Dragon Ball Z-like ability to pull new physics out of his ass.

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