Decrepit Old Fool is in the hospital.

SEB regular and friend of the family George Wiman, aka Decrepit Old Fool, appears to have done himself a wee bit of damage that landed him in the hospital. Mrs. DOF explains:

George has been admitted to the hospital.

Preliminary diagnosis Perforated Intestine.

We will update here as soon as possible.

[…] The surgeon suspects that Geo’s regular use of aspirin and/or ibuprofen to hold back the pain of his fibromyalgia and the bicycle accident from years ago is what bored a hole through the intestinal wall.

She says the hole was smaller than anticipated, there was very little leaking into the abdominal cavity, so cleaning out with antibiotics and sewing the hole closed worked out okay so far.

There is always a worry for infection and peritonitis in that body part, so antibiotics and several other medicines in an IV cocktail is what’s happening right now.

This evening he was able to stand with assistance beside the bed for a minute, which really helps with circulation, and breathing.

The medical crew on the Surgical Wing seems to be well-trained and willing to work together.

So many phone calls that my cell phone battery is out, only the second time I have done so since I got it.

It sounds like he’s doing OK and is through the worst of it, but it never hurts to have a lot of people go leave him Get Well Soon comments so consider this an invitation to do so.

12 thoughts on “Decrepit Old Fool is in the hospital.

  1. I had that about 15 years ago.  I was on prednisone and it blew a hole in my intestine.  They cut out about 1/3 of the large bowel.  The trick is to get up and move around as soon as possible.  Helps the circulation and gut motion.  I know it hurts, DO IT!!!

    Should be fine.


  2. Thanks, Les!  If the thread where you all are talking about religion and atheists and minister is anything to go by, (which 13 pages of comments say it is) then DOF has quite a following here.

    We’ll soon learn what a sunny new day brings.

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  3. Thank you, Les, for letting us know. I left a get-well message on George’s website. Aspirin has many benefits, but it also has some nasty side effects occasionally. This is another wake-up call to remind us to enjoy each moment and each other while we can.  tongue laugh

  4. Thanks Mrs D. for keeping us updated. I was just on his blog and he has a LOT of friends.  My best atheistic non-prayers are probably not with him.. smile

  5. Thanks so much for all the good wishes Mick, Julian, everyone.  And the advice SG – I have been doubling up on the ‘get-up-and-move’ and it’s paying off.  Much to everyone’s surprise I may get out of hospital tomorrow to continue recovery at home.  This is much earlier than expected so my habit of moving all the time is paying off.

    I’d milk it, LH, but I would prefer to be working.  My goal will be to get back on the job soon rather than stay around the house with MrsDoF and I getting on each other’s nerves.  I’m working on some really interesting projects and want to get back to them, though I will have to lay off the Vicoden during work hours.

    Thanks Spocko, that’s the plan.  SB, you’re cracking me up cool smirk  Leguru, I’m not sure if aspirin is the cause but I’ll be taking the 81mg size from now on. The surgeon said we’re really built for six small meals per day and it would be easier on the gut if we’d follow that.  No more pigging out for me!

    This is not my first surgery but is my first emergency one and and by far the most major.  You can find the basic operation on YouTube, if you have a strong stomach (pun intended).  This was not a case of; “we’ve scheduled an OR two days from now”, it was “We’ve called in the surgeon and your surgery will begin within the hour.”

    I’ll try to work up a ‘gory details edition’ post for those interested in such things.

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