Almighty God is a Twit(terer).

Twitter is used by all sorts of people ranging from your standard nobodies like myself to major celebrities and even Almighty God himself. I started following his tweets the other day and I have to admit they’re quite interesting. Here’s a couple of recent samples:

Gay marriage is now recognized in 5 states. Don’t worry, I won’t start the apocalypse until it passes in Texas.

Why has no one thanked my for creating an amazing variety of flu viruses?

@sw17ch Just be happy I’ve moved away from wild-eyed, illiterate nomads in the desert.

She put them in the pan wrong. That was supposed to spell D-O-G.

Finish this sentence: Debating with a young earth creationist is . . .

Do you think Jesus came back from the dead? If not, what happened? (@graceisunfair wants to know)

Following Almighty God’s tweets has actually been very intriguing and entertaining. It’s hard to tell if the person working the keyboard is a believer or not, but this incarnation of God certainly has a sense of humor. Turns out he has a Facebook page as well and there’s some names I recognize among his list of friends.

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