The Peekaru will make you look like an extra from “Aliens.”

You see this picture to the left? You’re going to think it’s an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. That’s a real product you can buy that’ll make it look like your baby is bursting through your chest like those monsters from the Aliens movies. It’s called a Peekaru Original Fleece Baby Carrier Cover:

Let a Peekaru Original simplify the process of getting out of the door. Wear your Peekaru over any baby carrier and you’re ready for cooler weather. Add a coat and you’re ready for winter. Whether it’s a crisp fall evening walk, a winter carnival, or a springtime parade, the Peekaru will keep your baby toasty warm without the clutter.

Baby Wearing Made Warm
The Peekaru Original is a fleece vest that zips over a soft baby carrier to keep you and your child warm. It fits comfortably over all carriers, including Baby Bjorns, Hotslings, Ergos, Mei Tais, and Wraps.

Made from 85% recycled fleece, each Peekaru Original saves approximately 25 plastic bottles from reaching the landfill. Feel good knowing that while you are holding your baby close, you are also helping the environment.

So apparently it doesn’t actually come with the baby carrier itself, it just makes you look like your baby is trying to claw its way out of your chest cavity. In all fairness I should probably point out that the other pictures on their website aren’t quite so… cinematic. Most of them make the baby look more like some kind of weird tumor growing on your chest or back. Which reminds me of a scene from Hellboy II:

This monstrosity making apparel will set you back about $80. Which is probably worth it as it’s sure to make people get the hell out of your way at the local mall.

Found over at Crunchgear.


6 thoughts on “The Peekaru will make you look like an extra from “Aliens.”

  1. Ok…that looks creepy…but you are right.  The ones on the website aren’t as bad and actually look like something I would have gotten for myself had my kids not been monster babies and hurt my back whenever I wear them in a pack.  Especially the backpack one…that one would be nice in cooler weather if you are a hiker and like to wear your kids like that.

    However, the picture above just looks weird with just the face sticking out…at first glance I thought it was a kind of halloween costume.

  2. Yeah, my immediate thought was more “Total Recall” than “Aliens.”

    “Open your mind, Mr. Quaid … open your miiiiind …”


      I think it’s cute as hell!

    Look at that little smiling baby face poking out!


    Where’s the claws though??
    They must have photo-shopped them out! LOL!

  4. My babies were born in Spring, so carrying them around in the carrier during the Summer was wa-ay too hot.
    I would never have given this clothing a glance, other than the cute little face.

    I preferred something with wheels.

    By the time cooler weather came, the baby was too big for a personal carrier and could sit up on his own, so my mother-in-law bought us a red wagon.
    We sure had some great times in that!

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