The latest trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” gets the blood pumping.

I loved the books and I’ve thought the movies have been about as good as they can be considering the amount of material they have to trim down. The next installment looks like it will not disappoint either:

Definitely looking forward to July 17th. I never managed to catch the last film while it was in theaters so I’ll be making a point of it this time.

You can watch the trailer in high-def over on Apple’s site.

7 thoughts on “The latest trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” gets the blood pumping.

  1. Yeah that was pretty fast paced.

    Ghostbusters the video game released on the 16th and then Harry Potter on the 17th?  That’s going to be a pretty awesome week.

  2. It does look awesome. I’ve been sending the trailer to people all day. It actually comes out the 15th now. Warner Bros. likes their extra weekday-release dollars.

  3. Les, just noticed while rewatching this with my girlfriend.  The release date according to the trailer is July 17th not June as you’ve got listed in the post.

  4. I’m glad I learned to disconnect movie expectations from the book reading before LOTR and the Harry Potter movies came out.  Makes them SO much more enjoyable.  And watching stuff like Jumper and Legend was more enjoyable doing so before I read the books.

  5. When I saw the preview I had to go back to the book for a little refresher of the story line.  Been a while since I read it and that just made me excited to see it!

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