SEB entries will now be twittered.

I finally got around to setting up the ExpressionEngine LG Twitter extension by Leevi Graham. This means it should automatically tweet my twitter account with any new entries I publish. It also puts a nifty little Twitter box at the bottom of every control panel page so I can tweet at a whim while working on an entry.

My one concern is that I don’t think it shortens the URL for the entry and SEB’s can be quite lengthy as can the titles I choose. So between the title length and the URL length, it’s quite possible that I’ll exceed the 140 character limit and twitter will ignore it. As it stands now there’s 63 characters left after the first part of the URL is accounted for. Still, it’s better than nothing so we’ll see.

Update: I was wrong. Looks like it does shorten the URLs. Yay!

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