Momma’s new toy arrives. Some assembly required.

The first PC I built for my parents is probably close to 10 years old at this point and yet my mother still uses it. That’s because the newer PC I built for my parents more recently is usually occupied by my dad and rather than wait for him to get off it she just uses the older one. It’s been showing signs of its age for awhile now and between a CD-ROM drive that doesn’t want to open anymore and the fact that it now literally growls at her every time she turns it on she’s decided that it’s time that I build her a new PC. So I sat down and priced one up and it came in at just this side of $400. Placed the order for the parts on Monday and got a big box full of stuff today:

Click to embiggen!

This box has everything except for the actual case itself, as that had to ship from California, so while I can dig through it and ooh and ahh I can’t actually start building it yet. Well I could, but it’d be pretty pointless without the case which has the 500W power supply. I expect that to arrive tomorrow and then I’ll build the PC over the weekend. Delivery will probably take place the weekend after this one. I’m pretty excited as this should be a pretty nifty PC when I’m done as I’m using a micoATX motherboard and case which means it’s smaller than a breadbox and will sit on top of her desk. Plus it has cool side windows so she can peek in and see what she spent all that money on.

5 thoughts on “Momma’s new toy arrives. Some assembly required.

  1. Reminds me of the 386 I built from parts purchased at a computer fair in 1991. I soon upgraded to 486 and the rest, as they say, is history.

  2. The assembly and initial staging took place last night and I must say, that sum’bitch is fast!

    I think you’ll be very happy with it.

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