Man runs over woman, twice, because he believes her to be a witch.

Accused driver: She tried to cast a spell on me – KOMO News Seattle, Washington

Investigators said Haeng Soon Yang was struck and killed while trying to stop a driver, John Angeline, from driving off without paying for $34 worth of gas outside Flying K store Monday afternoon.

Deputies said the driver ran over Yang with his car, reversed and ran her over again. The second time, the woman’s body got stuck under the truck and she was dragged for several feet, deputies said.

[…] Angeline appeared in court on Tuesday in shackles. He is charged with robbery and second-degree murder. Bail has been set at $500,000.

According to court documents, Angeline told detectives he needed to get away from her because he thought the victim was trying to cast a spell on him.

When asked whether he felt bad about what happened, Angeline said he did not, according to documents.

It’s hard to tell from the brief news article if the man really believed her to be a witch or he’s just stupid enough to think it’s a valid defense for his actions, but either way he demonstrates a stunning indifference for the life of another person. It’s one thing to run over someone accidentally while trying to flee, but to stop and back up over them a second time undoubtedly shows murderous intent. The whole witch accusation sounds like a lame attempt at rationalization.

8 thoughts on “Man runs over woman, twice, because he believes her to be a witch.

  1. That’s just dumb.

    Doesn’t he know all you have to do is throw water on them? If he’d have just heaved his Slurpee out the window, she would have backed off.


  2. I have long since learned not to be surprised at anything someone might actually believe, or what they do when they act on those beliefs.

    The alternative is that he killed someone just to avoid paying for his gas, and that’s a little extreme unless he was crazy anyway (believing she was a witch notwithstanding)

    I don’t believe you can ‘accidentally’ run over someone, at least not when you start from a dead stop.  Possibly backing into them, but not over them… unless, as I said, he was crazy.

    So either he’s crazy, or he’s CRAZY.  I’m not sure it’s worth picking nits over.

  3. Maybe she was wearing a pointy black hat at the time? We don’t know all the details.

  4. In some neighborhoods, all she’d have to do is chase him to his car with a broom.  I guess it was just self-defense then.

  5. I saw this on the news. The man also commanded the police to bow down before him because he was God. I don’t know if I buy his whole crazy guy act. Something about watching him in the clip gives me the feeling that he’s faking. Feeling isn’t fact though, so who knows.

  6. I know John Angeline. Sadly enough, he does have a severe mental illness. He tried to see his mental health doctor, but was told it would be 3 weeks before he could be seen. Somewhere there is a breakdown in the system. I’m afraid we are going to see more people going untreated as there will undoubtedly be cutbacks due to the economic situation we are in. This is a very sad situation on all fronts. This woman’s family has lost someone very dear to them. John is a gentle and caring man with a terrible affliction. I don;t think he is quite aware yet what has happened. It just seems like this all could have been prevented.

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