If I were 100 pounds lighter and 15 years younger…

… I’d so love to do this:

Of course it would help if something like this existed nearby.

6 thoughts on “If I were 100 pounds lighter and 15 years younger…

  1. I do have the chance to do this.  For my 40th in Feb I got two of those ‘special day’ vouchers, and a list of options- this is on it, as is gliding. Of course, I’m under 11 stone (I was going to put it into pounds, but I thought if the USA insists on being attached to an outdated system let them use the proper version)

  2. I did this in Vegas over ten years ago. It was a blast, but harder to master than it looks. They had two other people in there with me standing on the padding off to the side that would hold onto you to steady you, then let go… as soon as you started to head for the side they’d grab you and steady you again. I never did it enough to get good though.

  3. I’ve skydived a few times, and while much more exciting than I imagine wind tunnel would be I sure would love to practice body positions in one. These moves require lots of practice!

  4. I also had a chance to do this in NJ after college. It is MUCH harder than it looks, both in terms of the skill required and the use of muscles that you never use.

    You have to balance between the position of your legs with pushing against the air. (The exercise machine where your arms are to your sides at a 90 degree angle, and you rotate them in front of you…those muscles.)

    If your pushing is out of balance with your legs (which it will be, because you never USE those arm muscles for ongoing exercise) then you’ll shoot forwards. You could theoretically shoot backwards, too, if your arm muscles were stronger than your leg muscles…but normally tend to go forwards.)

    Anyway, it was something I can say I’ve done, but it was expensive, and I wasn’t good enough at it to want to do it again.

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