I am so not happy with Buy.com at the moment.

I placed an order with them for a new webcam on Sunday and I chose the free ground shipping so I expected it to take the better part of the week. Imagine my surprise when they said it had shipped yesterday and the FedEx tracking said it should arrive today. When I got home I checked for the package at both the front and back of the apartment and found nothing. Anne had stepped out for a few moments, but had been home most of the day and said she never heard anyone knock on the doors. I figured it just hadn’t arrived yet. A few moments ago I double checked the tracking website and found that FedEx was claiming it had been delivered at 1:55PM. I got home at 3PM. There’s a note on the tracking page saying that they left it at the front door as NO SIGNATURE WAS REQUIRED. What the fuck?

So I hurry upstairs and double check the front door. Nothing. It appears in the hour and five minutes between the time it was delivered and I got home the package was stolen. That was also the period when Anne stepped out briefly to buy a card and a cake for me in honor of our anniversary. Needless to say I’m pissed. It was only $27 or so, but it’s still very upsetting and my mood wasn’t helped when I went to the Buy.com website’s Contact Us page and found the only means of contacting them is via email. So I dashed off an email explaining what appears to have happened and that this is likely to be the last purchase I make from Buy.com considering they don’t feel the packages are important enough to require a signature on arrival. I suggest others take that into consideration when thinking of a purchase from that company.

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  1. I sent my whole tower back into HP recently to have it fixed (it was just a loose plug connector, but it was still under warranty) and when they sent it back to me, they also had “does not require signature.”  So my 4 month old, $800 computer was sitting outside the door of my apartmen about to get rained on when I came home.  Needless to say, I just fix the damn thing myself now.

  2. Fedex is notorious for leaving things at the Apartment Manager’s office and not leaving a notice at your door stating that is where it at. Fedex Ground is the worst offender in my area in doing this.

  3. Give b.c a little slack, Les.  It’s really a no-win thing for them.  Lots of people (including me) are bothered when signatures are required—I live in a house where there’s essentially no risk of theft, and there’s usually no one there to sign for packages.  I want them to leave them with no signature, and it’s a PitA for me when it’s otherwise.

    The point is that they get complaints either way.  I suppose they should err on the side of safety, but maybe they get more complaints that way.  Ideally, they should have an option when you order.  But I’ve never seen that anywhere.

    Another thing to consider is that the item might not have been stolen; it could have been mis-delivered.  That happened to me, which is why I try to avoid any vendor that ships with FedEx.  They claimed to have left three notices (for a signature-required package), and were returning the package — which I only found out from the tracking page, because I got no notices.  I’m sure they went to the wrong place, but they would hear nothing of it, and gave me no options: three attempts, and the package goes back, and it’s too bad for me.  See, I am not their customer; the shipper is.  So fuck me.

    Fuck FedEx, I say.  But waddyagonnado?

  4. I had a similar experience with Buy.com and FedEx a few years ago, Les.  I had ordered an SD card which was claimed to have been delivered by FedEx ( according to their tracking info), but I never got it.  When I contacted Buy.com, I was basically told I was S.O.L., because—again—FedEx said the package had been delivered.  What I find interesting is that I have, in the time I’ve lived in this house (which is now nearly three and a half years), never NOT received a shipment from any vendor, online or otherwise.  I don’t know if it’s a Buy.com thing or a FedEx thing, as most every item I’ve ever ordered has been delievered via the Postal Service or UPS, and I’ve never had any issues with either.  But I have to admit that in the time since, I’ve ordered quite a few other small items from Buy.com (most of which have been delivered via FedEx) without a hitch.  I’d recommend you hold both parties accountable.

  5. Is it not their legal responsibility to ensure that it’s delivered to you? (I mean you personally, not just your address).

    I don’t know if it’s a side-of-the-pond thing, but in the UK deliveries like this all require signatures for the protection of the sender. If I claim that I didn’t get it I’m entitled to my money back, unless they have proof of delivery. As it should be, IMHO – I appreciate your inconvenience Barry, but inconvenience is outweighed by loss.

    Also, bear in mind that the cost of a credit-card charge-back to them is often more than the value of the package, especially considering that if they have too many charge-backs then they have to pay a higher rate of commission on transactions. If you’re of the opinion that it’s their responsibility, then the mention of a charge-back might help them to see your point of view smile

  6. Stolen ? I wish I could be there when one of your neighbors stops by with the box. I think it is a little to soon to be so judgmental. Mis-delivery is also another possibility. At least give it 48 hours before you go on some diatribe kicking Fed-Ex to the curb.

    And on a day like today ( Anniversary Day ) I would think you would be thinking about all the good things to be thankful for, like a supportive wife and family. The roof over your head, cake and cards. Oh Les… ( sighs )

  7. Badger: Yes; while I prefer not to have to sign, I did say that I’d expect them to err on the side of safety.  I’d still go for the ideal: an option when I order, where I accept responsibility for not signing.

    And then I wonder whether I really would….

    And Badger’s absolutely right that if you talk with the right person and say the word “charge-back”, you’ll likely rattle them into sorting your problem.

  8. The neighbor scenario is unlikely. We’ve been living here since last August and have seen the next door neighbors on the left maybe three times. We don’t have neighbors to the right as we’re an end unit. All attempts at being neighborly on our part have been ignored at best. I’ve managed to make friends with some folks a few units behind us, but I doubt they’d even see we had a package if it was at our front door.

    For their part Buy.com is looking into it and suggested we check the bushes (I already have a couple of times, not enough bushes to hide anything) and I’ve double checked the garbage can just outside the back door in case they were dumb enough to put it in there. Tomorrow I’ll check with the leasing office to see if the FedEx guy might have dropped it off there, but the note on the tracking website specifically said they left it at the front door.

    Don’t know if Buy.com will decide to do anything about it or not. Should know in a couple of days.

  9. I either have stuff delivered to my P.O. box, or to a customer-site of mine where I know people will be receiving stuff all day.  A little inconvenient sometimes, but it saves the occasional headache.

  10. Hi Les, this is FedExRobin . Sorry that happened, would you like me to request a follow up with the driver for you?

  11. I can sympathize, my passport went missing in the post a few weeks ago.

    Their proof of delivery was a small black and white photo of a front door. It could be my front door, they all look the same round here.


  12. Hi FedExRobin. I had a feeling I’d be hearing from either Buy.com or FedEx in this thread soon as I’ve had a lot of activity in my referer log from TruCast.

    As it turns out you’re in luck as I literally just got off the phone with the folks who happen to live on Birch Hollow, which is the street leading into my apartment complex, that have the same number as my apartment and it appears that the FedEx driver dropped the package there. According to the nice lady I spoke with the driver “knocked once and was back in his truck and pulling away before I even got the door open.” So I’ll be picking up the package on my way home in about 25 minutes or so and sending off an email to Buy.com letting them know that it’s been located.

    One thing you could do, if you’re able to contact the driver in question, is to ask him to double check the address when delivering to this apartment complex. I assume it’s part of his standard route and I can understand how it might have been confusing, but the UPS folks don’t have any trouble getting it right so I would think the FedEx folks should be able to nail it as well.

  13. The only time I’m able to opt for a required signature is with TCP Global. I don’t know why it’s not standard. It should be.

  14. Wasn’t a neighbor, Paul, and it doesn’t excuse FedEx for their shitty service or Buy.com for not offering the option to require a signature.

  15. Les, Sorry for the mix up on your delivery. I’ll be glad to notify the driver for you. Can you email the tracking number off of the package to fedex-robin@fedex.com so I can see who delivered it?

  16. A neighbor is a broad term. I should have said someone in the neighborhood. And it is not a completely unreasonable error.

    I willing to move on now I think.

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