How ATM skimming is done.

There’s been a lot of articles over on The Consumerist about ATM skimming, how it’s done, and how you can protect yourself. Today they linked to a clip from a UK show called The Real Hustle that lays out exactly how the scam is done. I’m not sure if the increase in the number of articles about ATM skimming is due to it happening more often or because folks are just more aware of it, but I thought it’d be useful to post that YouTube clip here for folks that don’t follow my shared Google Reader notes:

In short, pay attention to the ATMs you use. If you suspect it may be tampered with alert the bank and/or the police and don’t use it. At the very minimum you’ll want to shield the input of your PIN number when doing the transaction.

As I watched this clip all I could think of was why don’t we have a show like this here in the States?

4 thoughts on “How ATM skimming is done.

  1. Well, how could we all be scared out of our wits about identity theft if we had a tv show telling us some of the ways it’s done? You wouldn’t feel so obligated to buy the services of those companies that insure you against identity theft (“Every three seconds, someone’s identity is stolen…YOU’RE NEXT!!!!!!! Ahhh run away!”).

  2. Consumerist had a couple of articles showing ATM skimmers, then people said in the comments that they wanted to see what they looked like on the machines, which lead to more articles.

    I haven’t heard of any ATM skimmers in my area, but in the past couple of years there were some ATM thefts.  They’d run into the store with a chain and drag the ATM out using a truck or van.

  3. I heard from some security expert awhile ago to shield when entering pins cause scammers will set up cameras to record people at ATMs. I thought it sounded like good advice at the time. But now I know it’s really great advice!

  4. Most stores let you take extra cash when you use your debit card.  Get cash while you’re shopping at the grocery store.  Hard to attach a card reader with the clerk standing there.

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