Happy Easter 2009!

Whether the day represents the holiest of holy days for you or just a good excuse to bite the ears off of chocolate bunnies—which should ALWAYS BE SOLID—here’s hoping you have a safe and relaxing day.

We’re going to spend it at home doing nothing much at all. Maybe go out for dinner. Nothing fancy. It’ll be a lazy day for us, but then Sundays often are.

7 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2009!

  1. I considered doing one of my “preachy” gag posts but I just don’t have any good sermons in me today so…….



  2. This is my first Easter as a non-Christian. Oddly, I barely noticed the difference. So Happy secular Easter, everyone.

  3. In the grocery store on Sunday I saw two teenage-ish guys with “ghoul” makeup.  White faces and black rimmed eyes (very day of the dead).  Don’t know if it’s related to the whole “Alive, no wait, Dead, no wait, Undead” white guy who christians seem to worship, but…..

  4. Happy Eostre! Are the chocolate bunnies cheaper after the holiday? And, Happy Cambodian New Year! I love this country with all the holidays – more reasons to PARTY!  grin

  5. Double-dipping: YES, the chocolate bunnies are 50% off. Maybe there is a god, afterall.

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