Edward Current wants you to pray for his grampa.

Ed’s back to show us how Christians aren’t selfish and how prayer is better than doing nothing at all:

3 thoughts on “Edward Current wants you to pray for his grampa.

  1. My 91 yo grandmother died a few weeks ago and my Athiest husband had mentioned that how could anyone be sad that she passed away (not referring to me) if they were Christian since heaven was supposed to be a better place.

    I told him that IS all about the selfish factor…the guy said it himself…he doesn’t want to be sad (which is the biggest reason right?  Don’t want to be without that person).  I told DH that I was happy she passed because it is what she wanted (she was Christian and wanted to see all the family that went before her)…but I also admitted I was sad for purely selfish reasons.

    And for the record…the rabbits foot and such…many Christians feel those are “magic” and are bad too…

  2. A few years ago my best friend was suffering with pneumonia in the hospital. Gratefully, he passed away in a few days without suffering a long time. At the funeral his step-daughter asked me why he passed when everyone, including her, had been praying for his recovery. I replied, “That’s odd. I was praying for him to be happy. I thought it was somewhat selfish to want to prolong his misery.” She gave me a strange look and walked away, shaking her head.

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