Edward Current says “Evolution Shmevolution!”

Ed’s back with another devastating(ly funny) demolition of Evolution:

Watching his videos always gives me a weird feeling of deja vu.

6 thoughts on “Edward Current says “Evolution Shmevolution!”

  1. You know, this video reminded me of one of my biggest issues with the “Answers in Genesis” type folks and their ilk.

    I am totally okay with “God is just testing us” as an argument for why evolution is wrong as an explanation for the origin of species. It’s not arguable…it’s completely based on personal faith—and each person can believe it or not, as they choose.

    What I have a problem with is scientific revisionists who say that all the current laws of science, while true, are so dramatically different than our understanding as to allow the world to be only 6013 years old as of October.

    And what just blows my mind is that one of the features essays on AiG stars off with a disclaimer that God wouldn’t put all this false evidence just to test our faith—and then proceeds to rewrite science.

    Oh well, another win for Edward Current.

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