Consumer Reports tests the ShamWoW.

We’ve all seen the commercials for ShamWows wherein the hyper host Vince demonstrates the amazing absorbency of the microfiber towels he’s selling. The question is: Do they really work? The folks at Consumer Reports decided to find out.

As with most things in life they’re not quite as amazing as they’re presented to be. Not necessarily a bad product, but not exactly living up to the image being portrayed in the commercials. Which is right about what I’d expect.

Via The Consumerist.

12 thoughts on “Consumer Reports tests the ShamWoW.

  1. What kills me is that on the commercial he pours soda on the carpet square and you can see it spreading underneath the square…then it cuts to him talking about the product and lo and behold if you look before he lifts the square up, the soda is gone…then he talks about how it sucked it up…but it wasn’t like it was when he poured it to begin with…

    I hope that made sense.  I was never known for my ability to write descriptions…

  2. Dammit! You burst my Sham-wow! bubble with that video…..

    That’s prolly means the Slap-Chop is no good too.

  3. Maybe that helped get the takeaway message across more clearly: ShamWow = an overpriced sponge. Not ShamWow is evil, or the ShamWow dude has barely enough strength in his arms to wring his shammy, much less push off a crazed prostitute, but that the ShamWow performs no better or worse than an $0.80 sponge.

    Plus, I think the tude is hot.

  4. Are they saying that the Germans made something that didn’t have to be good?

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