“Astro Boy” trailer hits the net.

Osamu Tezuka’s story about an atomic powered robot boy, Tetsuwan Atomu, was first published in manga form in Japan in 1952. The animated series, considered by many to be the birth of anime as a distinct form of animation, aired in Japan from 1963 until 1966, just a year before I was born. It was revived in the 1980’s as as Shin Tetsuwan Atomu, known elsewhere as Astroboy, and again in 2003. I can remember seeing it in re-runs at various points in my life and it remains a fond memory from my childhood.

Now an American made CGI movie is coming out in October. The trailer for it looks halfway decent:

If they don’t mess with the original story too much this should be pretty good. Of course it’s been awhile since I last saw the series so my recollection of the original story may be a little fuzzy.

3 thoughts on ““Astro Boy” trailer hits the net.

  1. Oh thats just made my day! – Major fan of the show.Even better,they gave the poor bugger some clothes unlike just a black section where his privates … should be wink

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