Apparently I’m an “expert” on the topic of Hangnails.

Got the following bit of spam today:

From: Some Dumb Spammer
Subject: What are Hangnails?

Dear Sir/Madam,

[Dumbass Website Removed] is a popular question answer website. Some of our users asked the above question, and we think you are the domain expert who can provide a great answer to it. Can you help to answer the question or improve the current answer at the following link?

[Dumbass Website Link Removed]

Everyone has unique expertise. [Dumbass Website] is the place to share your wisdom, build your networks, and market yourself!

[Dumbass Website] Team

Who’d have thought that I would ever be consulted for my expertise on an issue of such critical importance as hangnails? It’s the moment I was born for! Let me rush off right now and answer whatever pressing question is at that site! Who knows? SOMEONE’S VERY LIFE COULD HANG IN THE BALANCE!

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