A lot of Republicans have gone off the deep end into crazy land.

Considering how much the Republicans bitch about too much sex permeating popular culture these days you’d think they’d keep something like Tea Bagging in their bedrooms, but lately they’ve been doing it quite a bit in public much to my amusement. Naturally this is a case of the Republicans meaning one thing and everyone else having their minds in the gutter, but it somehow seems appropriate. For those of you not up on the more esoteric slang words for various sexual acts allow me to point you to the Wikipedia entry on Teabagging. Go ahead and read it, we’ll wait right here.

Done? OK. Now what the Republicans are actually referring to when they use the term “Tea Bagging Party” is a supposedly grass-roots protest over various budget proposals put forth by the Obama administration. The name is meant to invoke thoughts of the original Boston Tea Party which, if you recall your history classes, was about taxation without representation. Needless to say the fact that the Republicans are not victims of taxation without representation, are in fact very well represented in Congress, is totally lost on the gibbering idiots who are taking part in these protests. Apparently the word “Tea” in this case is actually an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already”, which is ironic considering that most Republicans in America would actually have lower taxes under Obama’s proposals and even the new taxes on the rich Republicans would still be lower than what they were paying under Republican President Ronald Reagan. As is their usual tactics the Republicans aren’t letting pesky facts and their own self-interest get in the way of their opposition to anything Obama might try to do.

There have already been a number of smaller “Tea Parties” around the nation and today they’re hoping to break a record by having protests all around the country where millions of angry ignorant Republicans literally mail tea bags to members of Congress as opposed to throwing them into a nearby harbor. Given the sexual meaning of the word “tea bagging” this has naturally led to all manner of snickering on the part of those of us who tend to snicker at double entendres. It doesn’t help that the more liberal journalists out there are milking this for all they can. Take, for example, this segment by Dave Schuster on MSNBC’s Countdown with Kieth Olbermann:

That’s pure comedy gold there. Meanwhile the Republicans not only seem to be stunningly unaware of what fools they’re making of themselves, but they’re paranoid enough to wonder if the Obama administration might send spies to the Tea Parties:

Today, the Department of Homeland Security released a report on the growing influence of radical right-wing extremists. On Fox News this afternoon, guest host David Asman willingly tied the Fox-promoted, lobbyist-funded, “grassroots” tea party movement to such right-wing radicals, and suggested that the Obama administration might send “spies” to the tea parties to track extremists:

I’m looking at the report and it says, among other things, that the federal government is going to begin gathering information on right-wing extremist activity in the United States. Does that mean they’re going to be sending spies to these tea parties?

Asman continued to group conservatives with radical extremists later in the segment, asking whether the DHS report was just “an effort to shut up their critics.”

Isn’t that the sort of thing the last Republican administration did? Why yes, yes it was. Hell he even went one better and put a system in place to spy on all Americans whenever they make a phone call or use the Internet, and these idiots are worried that Obama might have spies at their Tea Bagging parties?

The far Right in this country have gone absolutely ape-shit since the election, buying up guns like crazy and calling for Obama’s impeachment before he’s really had a chance to do much of anything he cold be impeached for, and we’re already starting to see the crazy come to a head. Richard Poplawski, the nutcase who put on a bullet proof vest and waited for police to show up and then killed three of them, was allegedly worried about the Obama administration’s plans to ban all guns. A plan which, as near as anyone who’s sane can determine, doesn’t exist and probably won’t, ever. Of course the first thing all the Conservative pundits who have been calling on people to buy guns and plan for a revolution did was try to absolve themselves of responsibility for encouraging that kind of crazy, but don’t expect it to stop just because on of their number actually acted on it.

And if you think the people participating in these Tea Bagging protests aren’t that kind of crazy, well, I’ve got one more YouTube clip for you to consider taken at a Project 912 Glenn Beck Tea Party:

Some of my favorite bits include the man ranting about how the Digital TV Conversion boxes you’re going to need if you still have an analog TV set is actually a brain washing unit designed to turn you into a socialist. Never mind that the DTV transition started up years ago under the Bush Administration which means that they’d have to be complicit in it. He also thinks the colleges are brain washing your kids. Then there’s the lady who calls for burning of college books that are used for brain washing such as the ones that teach “the evolution crap.”

These people are fucking nuts and they’re organizing and buying up guns. They are staggeringly disconnected from reality and are being manipulated by Conservative leaders to encourage that disconnect. I am seriously concerned that Poplawski may just be the first such nutcase to act upon the bullshit he’s being fed. 

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  1. The tea parties themselves seem harmless enough, but the paranoia and potential for violence is worrisome.  There was Oklahoma City, and there was that nut last year who shot up a Unitarian church and left a suicide note urging people to “kill liberals”.  Let’s hope DHS is keeping very close tabs on these people.

  2. Yeah.  I can’t remember this level of large-scale violent rhetoric before.  The kind of neurotoxin that motivated Timothy McVeigh is now served up in quantity on national television.

    When somebody commits a terrorist act, who’s going to take responsibility for ladling it out?

  3. There is also that congresswoman Michelle Bachmann practically calling for armed revolutions. Conservatives love this country so much that some seem willing to fight and kill to save themselves from taxation that goes towards funding our military, police, national infrastructure and those nuclear weapons that they love so much.
    As mentioned, all Obama is doing is slightly raising taxes on the rich, bringing it closer to the Clinton era, where the economy, and capitalism, were much healthier. But the wealthy will do all they can to stop that tiny increase in taxation, by conflating taxation of the rich with taxation of the middle class. Republicans are doing what they have done for a long time, tricking the working classes into voting against their social and economic interests by pushing xenophobic buttons.
    Would be nice if some of these people would read books, rather than call for their burning. I was not aware that understanding of evolutionary science transforms you into a socialist.

  4. Id say that “the evolution crap” is one of the few things taught in college that is without a doubt NOT brainwashing the students.  If you want to brainwash people religion is the way to go.

  5. These people are fucking nuts and they’re organizing and buying up guns.

    Please do not let these people leave your country.

    Given all these people can vote, please explain the greatness of democracy again- things like this make me forget.

  6. Fortunately most of these people will be like the militiamen of the Clinton era.  They’ll waste a bunch of money buying guns and ammo that will end up rusting away in their basements and a bunch of time playing “future freedom fighter” on the weekends.  The truly dangerous ones would have been dangerous no matter who was running the country.

  7. LOOK! The stimulus plan is working. All those people buying guns and ammo—It’s working!  grin
    And, I just got back from tea-bagging in public and didn’t get arrested. What a HOOT!

  8. I hate to break it to you, but there were plenty of Democrats at our tea party in small town Minnesota.  Perhaps if you were here you could have polled people yourself instead of relying on third hand information that has already been spun up to suit someone’s viewpoint.

    People are pissed because our future generations are being mortgaged to help cushion the pain of 20 years of irresponsibility on behalf of the individual and the government.  Pain is a useful learning tool and people, businesses and governments that have been irresponsible with their money need to suffer to learn.

    Come on, Les.  I know you can be more objective than that.  Don’t let your hatred for everything not far left cloud your vision.

  9. Gregory: “People are pissed because our future generations are being mortgaged to help cushion the pain of 20 years of irresponsibility on behalf of the individual and the government”

    I don’t know if you are a Republican, Gregory, but it’s cute how Republicans are just noticing this now.  Never bothered them when we were spending our way to oblivion in various ill-advised overseas military adventures or buying aircraft carriers and invisible jets for wars that won’t be fought or couldn’t be won if they were.

    Yes, I know that IS your point, but at least we’re spending most of the money on US this time (idiotic bonuses notwithstanding).  One might even call that an investment.  Generally investing in America is a good idea.  I think it’s not a good idea to allow another depression if we can avoid one.

    Check out this fascinating graphic of the federal budget.  I ordered the poster for my office wall.

  10. Every notice how Minnesota always goes blue in presidential races?

    Yes, this crap has been going on for decades, but when you spend two trillions dollars in a matter of months, it tends to raise eyebrows.  It makes me sick to think of all the politician’s buddies that are getting rich off this pork at the expense of people yet to be born.

  11. It is a gamble, all right.  If our economy doesn’t expand, we’re badly screwed.  And by “we” I mean “the set of Americans including our great-grandchildren”.

    I think of it as wrenching your shoulder to grab a rope and stop falling off a cliff.  Gonna hurt no matter what, but beats the alternative.  Hope that turns out correct.

  12. Good analogy.  It certainly is a gamble.  If it were me I would take me chances rather than go “all in” with China on the other side of the table.

    Hopefully our economy does expand sufficiently in a short enough time frame to cover the debt.

  13. Gregory, I’m sure there were a few Democrats at various Tea Parties. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least as there is a gradient in the political spectrum. That doesn’t change the fact that a lot of Republicans seem to have gone nuts since the election or that they make up the majority of the anti-Obama tea parties.

  14. China might be on the other side of the table, but they’re playing with our money right now too. And in that I mean that at least until they adjust to fix it they’re currently no more or less screwed by the current economic crisis than anyone else.

  15. Of course there are gradations in political thinking, if the individual is thinking with their whole head.  Just about every problem or question an individual faces has a spectrum of possibilities and options.

    Only our politicians (maximized to the extreme in the American binary system) require us to be “fer us or agin us!”

  16. Ammunition’s gotten really scarce, makes me wish I’d stockpiled last year to sell some at inflated prices right now.

  17. Every time I see a post on here that I really want to comment on, DOF has already done a better job.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had this complaint about you, man…quit having similar opinions while being more eloquent and more reasonable than me, O.K?:)

      Well, anyway- I have to have a go.  I have a few questions for any Shitbaggers reading this…and they start with a simple one: 
      Where the hell have you been? 

      Where were all your grand, patriotic protests over the last eight years, while the real villians ass-raped this country again and again while providing nothing in return except jingoistic slogans for idiots to chant at each other?
      What were you so busy doing while Mr. Mass Murder slaughtered half a million people or more, spending trillions and driving this country into deeper debt than it has ever seen under ANY liberal or in all its history?  Were you too busy feeling all patriotic and satifying your impotent bloodlust?  Too busy lining the pockets of oil and arms dealers at the taxpayers’ expense?  Too busy ignoring the shredding of the fourth amendment, or helping to dismantle that horrible socialist public education system?  Too busy backing the stimulus plans and corporate welfare as planned by the Bush administration, just so you could turn around and bad mouth the brand new president for bothering to go ahead with them after the damage was already done?  Too busy lowering taxes even further for the most rich, ignoring the history of our most prosperous times?  Too busy watching the installation of the most reactionary supreme court in a century?  Too busy calling reasonable people “terrorist sympathisers,” “traitors” and “unAmerican?”  Too busy undermining the separation of church and state with the Office of Bullshit-Based Services?
      Where was all the outrage when all of this was actually happening?  Couldn’t be bothered to listen to a single economist outside the Bush administration or to demand accountability from anyone in charge then, could you?
      My favorite part of all this is the role of our so-called liberal press.  Over the first few years of the war(s), multitudes of Americans across the country protested the wars and the administration, to no avail.  Our corporate/military-whore-press would barely even cover groups of several thousands demanding peace and/or impeachment.  But now, small groups of dozens or maybe hundreds, egged on by the press and high-visibility republican party shills are treated as grass-roots hordes of angry freedom fighters.  The very people that caused and exploited all these messes are feeding you ignorant shitbaggers a giant dog turd, and you worthless motherfuckers are licking your lips and begging for more, aiming all your limp, pathetic outrage at liberals who have only had very shaky control of congress for two years, and a President who has barely had time to tie his boot laces and start trying to crawl out of this republican-made quagmire.  I can only hope that the parties are cathartic, and that soon you’ll all realize that you are the nauseating punchline to a sick fucking joke.

  18. I dunno, Neil – I was cheering when I read what you just wrote!  Whatever the exterior I am certainly not feeling “reasonable” on their asses these days. cool grin

  19. Thanks DOF.  I try to moderate my ranting so as not to be be so easily marginalized by others, but the last eight years have been particularly difficult in this regard.

  20. The republicans and the people who are following in the republican footsteps have indeed become a dangerous bunch who are following outdated and ignorant political rhetoric. This is not only dangerous to America, but to the rest of the world as the U.S. is the nation who sets precedence for the rest. Please America don´t let these people assume power. This is not the same crowd of the Reagan era. This has become a party of self serving fanatical zealots.

    Although Obama´s price tag is not cheap it is necessary. Without the changes America is going to find itself in some very dire straights. Do the right thing and go along with this administration´s plans. Obama is no fool and knows what he is doing. If you want proof take this into consideration. He´s saved our banking system from total collapse for example. Bush and his crew were totally clueless in what to do and thank God they were nearly at the end their term when the crises first started. Give him a chance on health care and other issues and he´ll get the job done. And to republicans.. your leaders are shafting you big time!!!!!!

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