We are, once again, adding a new member to the family.

The wife and I were at Pet Smart last night after I got out of class to buy more cat food for Melvin, the Official SEB Cat, as he was running low. While we were there we took our customary stroll by the adoption enclosure housing the cats looking for a home. As we always do we ended up discussing the idea of getting a second cat to give Melvin someone to be annoyed by when none of us humans are home. Usually we spend a few minutes oohing and aahing over the various kittens and cats behind the acrylic window and then we sigh and we go home and hug Melvin a little tighter than he likes.

Last night was slightly different in that we met Beanie. Yet another totally black cat with a name we’d never pick in a million years, but this one was female and a long hair and she was there because her owners had to move and couldn’t take her with them. Her card said she was affectionate, got along well with other cats, was (unfortunately) declawed, and 11-years-old. That always gives me pause because I’m aware of how difficult it can be to find an older cat a good home. This is reflected in the fees the Huron Valley Humane Society charges for adoptions. Kittens will set you back $100. Beanie’s fee was only $35.

We flagged a manager down and he let us in to meet Beanie face to face despite the fact that we were there well past the time the adoptions shut down for the night. She was immediately friendly and just ate up all the head scratching and petting she could get from us. I was struck by how calm she was – the entire time we were there she didn’t meow once – and it seemed clear that this was a lap cat eagerly looking for a lap to curl up on. I wouldn’t trade Melvin for the world, but he’s not a lap cat. He’s a pet-me-while-I’m-eating-dammit cat. My lap is the only one he’ll venture into and he doesn’t curl up in it, rather he sits on my thigh like it was the arm of a chair. I do miss having a proper lap cat around.

So we did something we don’t normally do and got all impulsive and decided right then and there we’d see if we couldn’t adopt Beanie. Anne dropped me off at work today so she could drive over to Pet Smart and fill out the paper work to get things rolling. I spoke with the Human Society’s people when they called during the day, a task made tricky by the fact that their phone system kept crapping out on them, and by the time I was due to leave for class it was a done deal. They’d be faxing the paper work over to the store as soon as they could and we’d pick her up tomorrow assuming their phone lines stayed up long enough to get the fax through.

We’ll be buying a second litter box and we already have a spare set of food dishes so initially she’ll be camping out in Courtney’s room with the door closed so she and Melvin can get acclimated to each other gradually. Courtney doesn’t have classes tomorrow and she tends to spend most of her time on her computer in her room so we figured that’d be the best starting spot so she’d have someone to help her calm down and relax. Melvin will undoubtedly have an absolute fit to start so Courtney will be popping out to try and calm him down as well. Depending on how things go over the next couple of days will dictate when we let them meet up face to face. All of this was something the Humane Society folks heavily suggested we do, but we’d already been planning on it because that’s how we got Melvin used to being with the five cats at Anne’s parents place when we had to move in there. We expect he’ll adjust pretty quickly as this is something he’s dealt with before and we’re hoping Beanie will adjust soon too. Needless to say we’re all excited about the new family member about to join us.

I will, of course, be posting pictures of her later tomorrow evening after I get home from class. I wouldn’t be a proper blogger if I didn’t blog about my cats and I wouldn’t be a proper tech support guy if I didn’t have an emergency backup cat ready to take over should my primary cat be unable to fulfill his regular functions for some reason. For now I need to head upstairs as Melvin is telling me that he’s hungry and I need to pet him while he’s dining.

5 thoughts on “We are, once again, adding a new member to the family.

  1. I’m sure things will be purrrrfect! wink  Hahaha, had to!  Congrats on the new family member!

  2. Aw.  I want a kitty so bad but we can’t have one.  🙁  It sounds like you guys are responsible cat owners..that is nice to hear since many people don’t really know how or care to know how to care for a cat…they really want a dog.

    I hope things go well for both of them and that they live long and healthy lives with you guys!

  3. Awww, how sweet of you! I hope your new baby settles in well, and that she is able to enjoy many more years of love and purrs. I’ve got 8 rescued cats at my house, thank heavens it’s a big house!

  4. Oh I’ve always been a big softie. Anyone who knows me in Real Life will tell you that my image as a gruff and angry biker guy is an illusion at best.

    I wasn’t able to go with them to pick up Beanie this afternoon due to work, but my daughter went and has posted an update on her blog.

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