Tim Minchin’s ode to rationality called “Storm.”

The most awesome nine minute beat poem you’ll hear today:

Found over at The Meming of Life.

9 thoughts on “Tim Minchin’s ode to rationality called “Storm.”

  1. Oh, Les…I must say, thank you for alerting me to the comedic brilliance of Tim Minchin!
    I think he’s got a +5 Ring of Mockery or something. Some of his other stuff is just brutal!!

    If only he wasn’t so…NSFW…I’d post his stuff all over my blog.
    But I write with PG in mind, and my readers would probably wonder WTF happened to the nice medieval girl?

  2. “You know what they call alternative medicine that is proved to work?? Medicine”

    Awesome quote.  If you haven’t seen/heard “Angry – (Feet), go get it right now.

  3. Fascinating! I wonder what they would call religion that works? Don’t hold your breath on that one!  snake

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  5. WOW thank you so much for posting this. I have never heard of him before and I am in love! It is so good I feel like weeping. Seriously, why isn’t reality enough?

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