“The Daily Show” trashes CNBC.

Jon Stewart rakes CNBC over the coals and with good reason:

It really is sad that we have to rely on a “fake” news show to reveal the idiocy and hypocrisy that the “real” news shows should be covering.

7 thoughts on ““The Daily Show” trashes CNBC.

  1. While I get that a lot of people got into the mess they are in on their own…I have a hard time blaming them since it was the banks that told them that they would be ok and even fudged numbers in some cases just to make a sale.  It isn’t the homeowners fault that someone spun the numbers and made them believe they could afford something that they, in fact, couldn’t.

  2. On second thought, maybe not. The clip does open with a rant about homeowners being bailed out.

  3. Careful with your prediction George, there are people who still think the Earth is flat.

    Plus, anybody with a little imagination can write these shows out of this one… “Well the markets are low right now so it’s a great time to buy low!” 1 year later when the markets go back up… “See we told you to buy low a year ago and those that listed are a rich now!” The sheep in the corner thinks “Wow, CNBC really knows what they are talking about!”

    I wrote about a show I just happened to catch on CNBC a bit ago… I wasn’t impressed.

    I tried to link my website there but it was black-listed… weird.

    Updated: here’s the link.

  4. Huh, not sure why it blacklisted the link. I’ve updated the white list to include your site so it shouldn’t happen again and I’ve added the link to your comment.

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