One of the advantages to reading ***Dave’s blog…

… is that it acts like my own personal weather forecast. ***Dave talks about the weather fairly often and when he does I know that within four or five days we’ll be experiencing the same weather here. For example, here’s what he wrote four days ago:

While the Eastern US is snowed under, we’re facing temps here in the 60s-70s all week. Yeesh.

We missed out on that snowstorm here in Michigan, but it was bitter cold here at the time he wrote that. Today? Today we’re supposed to hit 64 degrees. Granted we start to cool down tomorrow, but we’ll remain in a relatively balmy 45 to 53 degree range for the next few days.

The really nice part is that when it’s miserable and cold here all I have to do is check in with ***Dave to see if there’s any relief coming to raise my spirits. By the same token, whenever ***Dave says things are ball-shrinkingly cold where he’s at I know to prepare myself for some bad weather. Thanks ***Dave!

3 thoughts on “One of the advantages to reading ***Dave’s blog…

  1. Always willing to warn people about ball shrinkage! 

    Um …

    For what it’s worth, here in Denver, after a week of unseasonable temps in the 60s and 70s, we’re expecting snow tomorrow. 


    (Btw, the click area on the little banner in the upper right covers up the Login button unless I make the browser window really wide …)

  2. Hmmm. I’ll have to fix that. Or add a login option just above the comment field. Or something. I keep forgetting not everyone is browsing at the same width I am.

  3. Or you could pick which weather report you like better between Dave and I, since there are time we are having completely different weather while living only 50 miles distance from each other. smile

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