Meet Beanie Jenkins.

Alas my Canon Powershot A40 camera is on the fritz so I had to rely on my RCA Small Wonder EZ205 for the snapshots. Being that for all intents and purposes it’s a pocket webcam the quality isn’t the greatest, but here she is laying on Courtney’s unmade bed:

Click to embiggen!

As you can see she’s already made herself quite at home and has settled into the famous Jenkins Attitude that defines us as a family. She’s already had a brief encounter with Melvin which left him hissing and her completely unphased. It’s clear that Melvin is the only one of the two of them that’s going to have to make a big adjustment. He’s been sulky and pissed off all night. He’s made a point of not venturing upstairs or going anywhere near Courtney’s door. Whatever’s in there is not something he’s interested in discovering. Given that I’ll probably wait until tomorrow evening before setting her loose in the rest of the apartment.

16 thoughts on “Meet Beanie Jenkins.

  1. Aw…she’s beautiful!!  grin  Melvin will get over it once he gets used to her scent being in the house.  At least she didn’t spaz as well!

  2. Melvin definitely isn’t happy. He’s been in a pissy mood ever since his brief encounter with Beanie yesterday. He’s hissed at Anne and Courtney a couple of times and he whined to me endlessly last night.

    Most telling of all is that usually in the morning when I get up and head into the bathroom to do my morning business and take a shower I can count on Melvin coming in to make sure I’m doing my routine. It took him almost five minutes this morning to show up and he kept glancing at the door like he expected Beanie to come bursting in. Then when I got in the shower he waited down on the landing instead of just outside the bathroom door.

    Yeah, he’s gonna be grumpy for awhile yet.

  3. More proof that cats deny laws of physics.  WordPress says I have an incoming visit from THIS thread, yet, until now, I have made no post (hence no link).  Weird/feline.

    Word of warning.  Any allusion to beef products allied with solidified bovine suckling food shall be severly reprimanded.

  4. I’ve already started calling her Beanie Baby.  I only realized this morning that it was because of the infamous Beanie Babies.

    I know, I’m rather lame for being the offspring of Mr. SEB.

  5. Oh Melvin is just protecting his family.  He will be great!  Kiya was like that every time a new brother or sister came in.  Now we are just one big happy hairball family!

  6. LH writes…

    WordPress says I have an incoming visit from THIS thread, yet, until now, I have made no post (hence no link).  Weird/feline.

    You’re forgetting the sidebar. If your name showed up as a recent comment in a different thread, but someone clicked on it while on this page, then it’d register as coming from this page.

  7. She’s a cutie! You did a good thing, Anne and you….

    At some point you are going to have two cats coiled up together in a sunny spot together, even though they act like they don’t liek each other.

    I got my Freda on the day the Iraq debacle started…I couldn’t handle the continous barrage of coverage and took a drive to the shelter….she was about a year old, in a shelter full of fuzzy kittens….I HAD to take her.

  8. I am reminded of the story in “Chicken Soup for The Soul” about the man returning beached starfish to the sea. When asked what he was doing, he replied, “I’m returning these starfish to the sea so they can live.” The rejoinder, “But you can’t possibly help all these starfish!” “No, but I just helped that one.”  grin

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