Man gives his nursing wife water with meth in it.

Here’s an early candidate for Father of the year:

CHEHALIS, Wash.—A man has been accused of giving methamphetamine-laced water to his wife in the Morton area at a time when she was nursing a 3-month-old baby.

Lewis County sheriff’s Deputy Stacy Brown says 35-year-old William Lee Bieber is in jail for investigation of endangerment with a controlled substance, second-degree assault, domestic violence and five counts of witness-tampering.

Surely he must have a good reason for giving his wife drug-tainted water putting not only her health at risk, but also the health of their infant child, right? It couldn’t possibly have been for some stunningly selfish reason, could it? Turns out it very well could:

Brown says he told authorities he made his wife drink meth water to “give her energy to clean the house.”

What the fuck is wrong with that guy? Is he really that stupid and self-centered? The article is brief so it doesn’t say what the wife’s plans are. Is she considering leaving the bastard? Is she standing by him? Does she realize what a moron she’s married to? Stuff like this leaves me flabbergasted.

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  1. It is all about me—you and the kid don’t count.  This happens more times than we realize in this country.  My guess is she will stay with him because she thinks no one else would have her with a kid.  So there you have it.  You want to lay odds on how long mommy will live and if baby will be another druggie for you and I to pay for to treat?

  2. Of course, the fact that she just had a baby and is up all night nursing doesn’t really matter as long as his house is clean and his food in on the table right at dinner time! 

    What is wrong with you?  Don’t you know that is the only purpose of women/wives/mothers is to work ourselves to death to please men??  Doesn’t matter if it puts our lives or the lives of our children at stake as long as our mens are happy!!!


    Unfortunately, Momma is right.  She will stay with him because she LOOOVES him or because they have a baby or because she feels she can’t do better.  Men like that are good at emotional blackmail and he probably has already made her feel like she can’t do any better.

    Of course, if she stays with him it would be wise for CPS to stay involved…

  3. It happens way more often than you might think. 

    I hate to say it but guys really like to put woman in the position of “it’s me or the kid”.  Hell, those scifi weird reality shows:  Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and even Fantasy Island had episodes where they changed men with women so the men could learn what the hell was going on.

    Some examples from the mouths of various men I actually knew:

    You’re fat and you need to get off your lazy ass and loose some weight (man to wife about a week after giving birth).

    I think the kid will be okay in his crib if we go out for a few hours.

    Is there something we can give the baby so it never cries again?

    There are more.  Men don’t have to be drug addicts to act stupid around children.  I wish there were more men that could handle children…doesn’t always seem to be so.

  4. The sad thing is that this guy might even go to jail for what he did, but if the wife decides he’s an idiot and shouldn’t be around the kid, HE gets to take THEM to court because… well, he’s the father.

    As far as I’m concerned, he just gave up that right.  Unfortunately we’re so hung up on biology in this country.  It is more important who the biological parents are rather than who has demonstrated their ability to raise a child.  I sort of understand where this is coming from.  After all, we don’t want the state taking away children on a whim, but…. Sheesh?  There should be a limit.  You put your wife and child in danger because you want your house cleaned??  That should be an easy one.

  5. I live in Olympia which is pretty near to Chehalis actually… and worked for a few years at a hotel in Tumwater, which is even closer. I have to say there’s some pretty terrifyingly whacked out meth-heads out here hiding in the nooks and crannies.

  6. Hmmm… I started trying to satirize this guy, but some things are beyond satire.  Poor woman, poor kid.

    Duckhugger: I was born in Seattle, my brother in Olympia, and I’ve been to Chehalis, and I didn’t notice any problem with meth out there.  Then again, this was fifty years ago…

  7. In 50 years I imagine a lot has changed around the area. It was enough of a problem around the area that the police came give a training about recognizing signs of it to our hotel staff. I actually had to call the police several times over the years for whacked out things meth-heads were doing at our hotel (like the methed-up guy sitting in his truck in our parking lot with binoculars and surveillance gear, for example).

    One house I lived in, in Olympia, was actually down the street from a place that got busted for manufacturing and selling meth. Lots of ‘em are hiding in odd little tucked away places and you wouldn’t really spot ‘em always in a quick drive through the main parts of a town.

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