It’s the first day of spring for 2009.

And it’s actually somewhat spring-like outside. Still a bit on the cool side and it gets low enough during the nights to put frost on the ground, but it’s improving. The daily temps vary enough that it’s hard to tell whether to wear a light or heavy jacket in the morning and by afternoon you’ve usually made the wrong choice. The trees aren’t budding yet and the flowers are still hiding, but it won’t be too much longer before things stop being mostly brownish and the world fills with color.

At which point I’m going to try motivating myself to start exercising a bit starting off with brisk walks to get the heart pumping. Last time I was weighed I was back up to 296 pounds and it’s causing me all sorts of irritations such as not being able to sleep on my back. So it’s time I get off my ass and try to lose a few pounds. We’ve got a lovely nature preserve right beside us with a walking path just begging to be walked all over. My success rate at motivating myself to exercise is notoriously bad so we’ll see how well this goes, but I’m going to give it a shot. If nothing else it’ll be nice to get a little fresh air in me and see what the ducks and other wildlife are up to.

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  1. It seems this family all suffers from lack of exercise motivation.  But maybe with the coming of warm weather the idea of getting outside will give us that boot in the ass we need!

  2. Hi Les,

      If your lifestyle would allow you might get yourself a dog.  My dogs wake me up every morning at 6:30 wanting to go for their walk.  It’s very hard to tell them “no.”  (sometimes when it’s bitter cold I tell them we can’t go because the dog talker toer guy says not to – I don’t think they buy it)
      And it does get you outside and moving around.  I noticed last week the songbirds were back and this week Venus is visible at sunrise.  It’s amazingly beautiful.
      Anyway, best of luck and enjoy your walk.

  3. Speaking only from my own experience, counting calories is relatively easy, provides constant feedback, and makes you aware of the input side of the equation (and encourages you to caloric output).  Again, for myself, it’s *awareness* of what you are (and aren’t) eating that’s a critical component for my own weight loss (15 lbs now since the beginning of the year).

  4. Get a dog! It worked for me, going from 240 to 190 since last summer. Of course walking wasn’t all that I was doing. I quit eating out and don’t eat any processed or frozen meals. Cooking for myself has probably taken off more weight than anything else. Now all I have to do is learn to cook! I really hope you succeed in this, good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

  5. A dog is probably not going to happen for a couple of reasons. First one being that the townhouse we live in allows cats, but not dogs (if I recall correctly at least). Secondly, and more importantly, as much as I love dogs they require quite a bit more tending to than cats.

    Yes I have to clean up after my cat just as I would with a dog, but that litter box makes all the difference as I don’t have to wander around the yard hunting for the shit to clean up. Not that we have a yard big enough to allow a dog to do its business in given that we live in a townhouse.

    So no dogs for me. I’m going to have to just get up and go walk by myself.


    First full day of spring brought us 6 to 9 inches of snow with a high temp in the low 20’s.

    We have got just shy of 90” of snow for the season.

    Now we have Mt. Redought acting a fool and canceling flights.

    But, wouldn’t move back to the lower 48 for nutin

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