“If Atheists Ruled The World” from our friends at FSTDT.com

SEB reader Tom sent in this video apparently made by some of the folks over at Fundies Say the Darndest Things – a wholly excellent site that I browse infrequently because it can be depressing in large doses – it features folks sitting around reading off actual comments left on Christian Fundamentalist websites:

I’ve heard many of those arguments first hand myself. Even having heard them before it’s still a bit shocking to have them vocalized. I didn’t realize the FSTDT folks were making videos. I’ll have to keep my eye open for more of them.

7 thoughts on ““If Atheists Ruled The World” from our friends at FSTDT.com

  1. I can’t understand why more Christians don’t actively counter these kind of attitudes.  Because there will be plenty of other Christians nodding along in agreement, and then at the end; “Hey!  They’re making fun of us!”

  2. I’ve heard those kinds of comments before too, except for that last one…. wow.  That’s pretty over-the-top.  I believe it though, which is sad…

    The reason more Christians don’t ‘police’ their own is that for most of them the whole Christians vs Athiests is a non-issue.  They don’t care.  Most of the time, they don’t need to care any more than I need to care about the Athiest whack-jobs out there (and sadly, there are plenty of those)

    Unfortunately, they DO need to care when their own whack-jobs are trying to do things like put Creationism into the Texas Public school system, or when Bush says that Athiests should not be considered patriotic or should have the same rights as others.  Someone needs to stand up and say “That (those) idiot(s) does not speak for most of us.”

  3. The stupid, it burns!

    My top three are by far:
    “have you ever seen what happens when you put something in acid?”,
    “if I didn’t have God watching me I’d kill”
    and “oh that’s right, monkey’s don’t LIVE for millions of years”

    Which ones are yours?

  4. I like the acid one.. mostly because it begins “they use complex terminology to make harder for true Christians to refute their claims.”
      – Yeah, those logic and reasoning skills… What a nuisance.  As Lewis Black says “I have thoughts… and that can really fuck up the faith thing.”

    “How come babies aren’t born monkeys”
      – Some of them are… and apparently they became Christians.

    “People can’t think for themselves, and they get so confused about reality.”
      – That was awe-inspiring… It really pegged my irony meter.

  5. What I want to know is, how come no one told me they were passing out “atheist hoods and robes”?  I want some.

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