I need a new gaming nickname.

I do a lot of online gaming – particularly First Person Shooters – and I have a standard nickname that I use: Dead God. That nickname has served me well for many years, but with the rise of voice chat in various games it’s become clear to me that a lot of people, and I mean a whole fucking lot of people, misread it and end up calling me Dear God. It’s like they have a mental block that converts that lowercase D into a lowercase R and makes them sound like they’re pleading to a benevolent deity instead of addressing a fearsome monster of pwnage whenever they address me. Plus I’ve used it for years and it’s feeling a little stale. It doesn’t help that some games, Call of Duty: World at War, won’t let me use that as my name. I had to translate it into Latin and sign up as Mortuus Deus, which only a handful of people are going to realize is a bad and probably incorrect translation of Dead God.

Additionally I’ve seen some very clever gaming nicknames lately that got me thinking I needed something more sardonic and witty. Everything I’ve come up with so far, however, has seemed trite and silly. So I’m turning to you folks to see if you’re any more clever than I am at dreaming up gaming nicknames. Leave me your best shot in the comments.

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  1. Something SEB related might be good, like “Evil Bastard”, or “SEB – Les” something along those lines.

    Then again, “Les Bastard” might work pretty well also.  It’d be a good message to see “Les Bastard” killed me in CoD: WaR (that’s too many capital letters in an acronym)

  2. Jenkinstein
    More Les
    Dr Fishbone
    Dern Blanson
    Dinglebert Humptyback
    Dick Cheney
    Prof. Smite
    General Deathbringer
    Bone Gnasher

  3. Les- you’re more than welcome to one of my old Q3 handles if you like:



  4. Zilch, I get kicked off enough servers for “Dead God” as it is. grin

    These are pretty cool, but I feel I should mention that my gaming nick doesn’t have to be a reference to my atheistic world view. Not that there’s anything wrong with it being such, but don’t feel limited to that theme.

    Though GodLes does have a certain amusing triple meaning to it.

  5. “Seblogdor” – a reference to StrongBad’s “TrogDor”.

    Sorry, that’s all I got.  If I were better at thinking up nicknames, would I have thought up mine?

  6. Machina Ex Deus? … Too long.

    Jeezit… Too obscure and wimpy.

    DedGod … Meh.

    Marjorie … Just checking.

    Godeater … Nah, too much like Anteater.

    Sorry. Guess you’ll have to find inspiration elsewhere.

    … Deus Mort? Too Jewish?

  7. I use LuckyCurse or Maledicta… Don’t know why LuckyCurse has stuck with me so well, but I like it. Maledicta comes from a hand-me-down character from another game.  I got used to the handle and just kept it.  Even made an email address based on it.  Go figure. MUDs rok.
    As for you, I say randomly flip through a dictionary and see what jogs your thought process. 
    Maybe turn a phrase on a favorite philosopher.  Incorporate an attitude.  The options are so unlimited, and changeable.
    Who knows, you could be the next Snakespeare.  Or Mode. Or Legion. 
    At one point I used ‘Atheist’, which got me kicked out of several games, so I know what you mean. 
    Good luck.  Be sure to let us know what you settle on.
    – Matt

  8. LesLuthor

  9. I’ll add my vote for GodLes.  Succinct, blasphemous, and funny.  Another possibility: LesGod.

  10. GodLes was the only thing I could come up with.  I am not that creative so I just use my husband’s pet name for me:  Pookiemuffinbutt … I tried to change that once and one of our friends got up set because he liked it ROFL … you are more than welcome to use that one.  tongue laugh

  11. Atheiologist
    I, too, like GodLes. With today’s economy, how about: PennyLes?

  12. Two of my old favorites, which I used extensively while playing Call of Duty 2, were FromHereToInfirmary (a simple play on words) and Semper Fatalis (a play on words of the Marines motto, Semper Fidelis, “always faithful,” now you’re always fatal).

  13. Speaking of nick names, I need to get some games and play PS3 with you!
    Or heck, even on the computer.  I need to figure out what games you play nowadays.

    GodLes is good,


    Thats all I got in school. Bwahah.

  14. D, the games I’m playing most often on the PC these days are: 1) World of Warcraft, 2) Call of Duty: World at War and 3) Left4Dead. On the PS3 the only multiplayer game I’ve been playing is Burnout Paradise.

    My PSN ID is still SEB_Dude as it’s not an easy one to change.

  15. i think this so great name for game.

  16. btw dun be sad when ppl say bad things about ur usernames maybe because thay are just a big nub I give u my moral support though I dun know u yay cheer up men /cheer #moral support given

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