Dolphins blowing bubble rings at Seaworld.

The dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Cove have taught themselves a new trick. They’ve figured out how to blow bubble rings – like smoke rings only made of air – from their blow holes which they then manipulate under the water. It’s a behavior that they’ve taught themselves how to do as none of the trainers were involved. It’s absolutely amazing to see:

We already know they’re highly intelligent animals and I can only imagine how boring being a part of an exhibit can be for them. This is apparently something they’ve come up with to amuse themselves.

7 thoughts on “Dolphins blowing bubble rings at Seaworld.

  1. Wow. I wouldn’t even have thought such rings are possible. I wonder what’s keeping the ring from breaking apart or rising to the surface. Clearly the animals are spinning them.

  2. The amazing part is when they break it apart into a smaller ring. The physics baffles me. Not that that’s hard to do with me. grin

  3. I was at Shedd’s Aquarium in Chicago one time, where they don’t train the dolphins for tricks—they just teach them behaviors that are good for their care—coming when called, etc.

    That said, after one of the demonstration, I went down, and just watched them swimming around.

    – One Dolphin swam by on his left side, and splashed me with his right fin all the way across.

    – One dolphin jumped up, inches from the glass, and sprayed a lady with its blow hole.

    – The beluga whale was whistling under water.

    Short answer: They are intelligent animals, and definitely find ways to make their own fun.

  4. Given that they aren’t really sure how smart dolphins are… its amazing they aint blowin them rings out their arses. One can only imagine how boring living in an aquarium must be.. it has to be like a prison.. you get bored in there you get pretty

  5. Dolphins have an organ in their melons that at will they can Emmit a shock wave. They use this to stun their prey. Watching this I think what they are doing is blowing the bubble and sending that shock wave into the center of it creating the ring. If you watch closely you can see it change right there in front of its forehead. That is where this organ is located. The shock wave is powerful enough to stun a human. Though there are no reports of them ever using this weapon against one.

  6. Given that they aren’t really sure how smart dolphins are…

    They get to play all day, they get fed pretty much all they want, they have the best medical care in existence AND they are big celebrities, all without saying a word.  They’re smarter than their keepers, at the very least.

    Anyhow, who’s studying who has always been kind of a grey area with dolphins.  They probably report the results of their own research back to the mothership on a daily basis anyway.

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