Did you remember to Spring Forward?

Yes it’s that time of year again! The return of the dreaded Daylight Savings Time. A pointless annual ritual of sleep schedule disruption for reasons that aren’t probably all that beneficial these days. There was a rumor that Barack Obama might get rid of it altogether, but apparently it was only a rumor. Shame really as I’d be more than happy to be rid of it myself. Especially since President Goofball Bush opted to extend it and totally fucked up my alarm clock’s ability to adjust itself automatically like it used to.

Well at least it’s a sure sign that spring isn’t too far off. Happy DST day everyone!

6 thoughts on “Did you remember to Spring Forward?

  1. anothe 3 weeks to go here.  There is a campaign to make BST permanent. That would mean Greenidge would have the Sun overhead at 1pm.  One of the reasons given is it would bring us into line with Europe.  Do the maths- everyone on +1 west of 7’30’00” is on the wrong time.

    Look at a map of Europe. UK +0, Portugal +0.

    Spain +1??!!!

    France, Benelux, and Iberia should be on the same time as the UK (strictly speaking so should the Rhineland, but no country wants just a small sliver at -1)

  2. Lord. One of the perks of living in Indiana was that, for the longest time, we just ignored DST as we we’re pretty much right in the middle of EST and CST. Half the year, our clocks ran with Ohio, and half the year our clocks ran with Illinois (except for a few western counties, like the ones that are essentially in the Chicago metro area; they did DST along with Illinois).

    This meant no annoying time changes, no being late for school or work because you forgot, and for half the year, Conan O’Brien was on at 11:30 instead of 12:30, which was awesome for me as a high-school student.

    Then our Governer Mitch “Bitch” Daniels decided “Hey, let’s do DST for no apparent reason! Even though the last 100 or so years of constant artifical lighting have rendered its original point completely moot, why the hell not get with the 18th century?”

    We’ve had 6 very annoying days over the last three years thanks to him.

    Come to think of it, Michigan is pretty much right on top of us. I’m surprised that at least part of you guys never ignored DST like we did.

  3. Well, I wish you folks that know DST is a macabre ritual from a more superstitious era would make your vote count!  Here in Saskatchewan, Canada, we’ve always opted out.  This was a point of smug pride until recent years.  As the interwebs makes the world smaller and tighter, we’re the ones that have the biggest headache recalculating what time is good to phone my sister on the west coast or my client down east.

  4. Without DST, how will the merchants make $$$?!

    Remember that once Man-Boy King Bush extended DST, the merchants were the ones who benefited. More daylight = more shopping time.

  5. It was brought in Britain to give farmers more daylight (ie not having to get up earlier and earlier as the summer came on), nothing to do with superstition.

  6. There’s still hope for Obama changing this dumbass ritual. Let him deal with the more important shit for now.

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