Confusing and amusing gifts from SEB readers.

Been meaning to blog about this one for awhile now and I keep forgetting to do so.

Couple of weeks ago I got a package in the mail hand addressed to me in a most festive way. Opening the package produced a post card with an amusing picture of a cat and a short message from Kitty Savant wishing me a Happy Whatever Occasion Day and mentioning something about putting the “fun in feminist”, I think. Not sure as I’m in class waiting for the lecture to start and I don’t have the post card in question in front of me.

The package also contained something wrapped in a bit of cloth which, when I unwrapped it, appeared to be… a tampon. I believe my immediate reaction was along the lines of “What the hell?” That prompted my wife to turn and look at what I was holding in my hand and ask what it was. I said that I thought it was supposed to be a toy tampon because it looks like a tampon, but it was made out of terry cloth with a shoestring tail and was stuffed with something. Anne looked at me and asked, “Who’d you piss off?”

It was at this point that Melvin, the official SEB cat, who had been laying in his favorite spot on our desk, suddenly took an interest in the object and proceeded to yank it out of my hands and attack it with a fury that clearly indicated it was stuffed with catnip. At this point I was pretty sure it was a cat toy, but I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to resemble a tampon or not so I dashed off an email to Kitty Savant and asked.

As it turns out, yes, it is supposed to look like a tampon and, yes, it is a cat toy stuffed with catnip. It seems Kitty’s own cats had a habit of getting into her stash of real, and more importantly, unused tampons and playing with them. So she did what any regular reader of SEB would do and made her cats catnip toys that look like tampons so they’d leave her real ones alone. Given my twisted sense of humor she figured I’d appreciate one as well and it did make me laugh when I first saw it. The cats love it and have already made a mess of it such that I’m reluctant to take a picture of it to put on the blog. Not to mention that I don’t have it with me as I am currently sitting in my ISA Administration class.

I think it’s a hilarious cat toy and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kitty Savant ends up turning them into a profitable enterprise in the not too distant future. Imagine a whole line of women’s feminine products replicated as cat toys available at your local Pet Smart. How awesome would that be if, for no other reason, the conniption fits it would set off in all the humorless people that came across them! All of which just goes to show yet again that I have the best people in the world reading my blog.

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