Comedian Louis CK talks about how “Everything is amazing, nobody is happy…”

Updated: Found a better copy of the clip on Hulu. It includes an ad, but it doesn’t make your ears bleed.

SEB regular Sandy sent this in and I thought it was worth sharing. It’s from an appearance last year on Conan O’Brien and in it Louis CK talks about how we live in such amazing times and yet no one seems to appreciate it:

I found copies of better quality, but the ability to embed them had been restricted so I went with this one. It’s pretty much a “stop and smell the roses” rant and it’s amusing to boot. It appears it just recently went viral as Louis himself notes on his official site:

Well I guess this shit really blew up.

This was my last time on Conan (ever, I guess, in the “Late Night” era). It went pretty viral back in October but NBC took it down off of Youtube because they are very very smart and they know that when people start spreading a clip around that raises awareness and popularity of their shows, that is a bad thing.

Anyway, some people put it back up and for some reason, the last few weeks, it has really blown up. It seems that Facebook was the main propellant.

I have been trying to decide what to say about it.  Well, Vanity Fair did an interview with me about it, more specifically a fellow named Eric Spitznagel.  I have to give him credit because I remember sounding like a dolt but he formed my thoughts in the following article in a way that makes me sound smart.  This article pretty much says whatever I have to say about the clip and what it’s about.


I’m glad people are enjoying it.  If you come and see me on tour you’ll see a much longer, extended version of this, as I”ve been developing it greatly since that appearance, when it was only a few weeks old.

4 thoughts on “Comedian Louis CK talks about how “Everything is amazing, nobody is happy…”

  1. Next time I’m on a plane all I am going to do is hold onto my seat and yell, “WHOA, WOW! THIS CHAIR IS FLYING!”

  2. I tell ya, I do a little comedy fromtime to time extemporaneously and the unappreciative nature of modern man is a well that never stops flowing..

    Why are people so goddamned stupid?

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