President’s Day long weekend wrap up.

I had a three day weekend thanks to Big Dot.Com deciding they like taking bank holidays and, other than Saturday, it ended up being a rather busy weekend. Saturday was the lazy day as Anne was working and I was naughty and spent a little money picking up a couple of cheap video games. First up was Flower on the Sony PS3 by ThatGameCompany. I’ve been keeping my eye on this one for awhile and all the reviews I’ve read said it was excellent and with a price tag of only $10 it was hard to pass up. It’s really more of an interactive art piece masquerading as a game and it’s an absolute wonder to play considering the entirety of the controls consists of pushing one button and using the tilt sensing of the PS3 controller to move around. The last game to use the SIXAXIS motion sensing to steer your character was Lair and it was terrible and probably a large part of why the motion sensing feature is used as sparingly as possible in most games. Flower makes you wonder what the hell was wrong with the Lair programmers that they couldn’t get it right.

The other game I picked up was Valve’s zombie co-op shoot fest Left 4 Dead for the PC. You and up to three other players are dropped into zombie movie with the goal of making it across the map to the rescue point while hordes of zombies attempt to munch on your gooey, chewy, brains. I plan to write up a review on this and Flower later so I won’t go into much detail now other than to say that L4D is hugely entertaining and it was on sale for $24.95 this past weekend if you bought it through Valve’s digital distribution service called Steam. Again, too good of a deal to pass up so I didn’t and I spent a good chunk of Saturday online blasting the crap out of zombies or, even more fun, playing in the 8 player versus mode where you get to be one of the zombies attacking the survivors.

Sunday was spent visiting with family friends where we had a great meal and I spent some time putting in a new video card on their PC so they can play World of Warcraft on it. Then I showed them how to get started in the game and by then it was very late so we headed home. Yesterday we got our taxes done so we won’t have to worry about them come April, plus we needed to know what we earned last year in order to reapply for another Pell grant for school. Not sure we’ll get as much of a grant, if any, this time around (I was unemployed the last time I applied), but it never hurts to try. I did have class last night, but a minor issue at home kept me from going. I sent my teacher an email and will have to make some time to make up whatever I missed when I can.

So that’s what kept me busy all weekend. What have you guys been up to?

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  1. Les what is your Steam ID? I want to play L4D with you. We should get a SEB versus team going and play against a religious group.

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