Pope calls euthanasia a “false solution.”

The Pope don’t like the idea of you cheating God out of the enjoyment of watching you go through the slow, painful death God has planned for you by having someone euthanasize you:

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that euthanasia is a “false solution” to suffering, adding his voice to a bitter debate in Italy over the fate of a comatose woman whose father wants to remove her feeding tube.

Actually it’s a pretty real solution. Suffering before death, then you die, no longer suffering. Problem solved.

During his Sunday blessing, Benedict said that love can help confront pain and that “no tear, from those who suffer and those who are with them, is lost before God.”

God collects your sweet, sweet tears because He can’t get enough of how good they taste! He’s particularly fond of adding carbonation and cola flavoring to make his own Tears of the Suffering Soda! It gives you divine appeal!

That’s like sex appeal, but holier.

5 thoughts on “Pope calls euthanasia a “false solution.”

  1. I never got the whole idea of suicide being illegal anyway, so how could I possibly get behind the idea of assisted suicide being wrong.  The Catholic church seems to go out of it’s way to tell us that suffering is “God’s Will” but that we’re also expected to attribute so many good things to Him as well.

    Saved from a fire?  God saved you. The fire department didn’t.

    Spared in a flood?  God saved you.  It wasn’t the rescue workers in the helicopter that lifted you off your roof.

    Your wife/husband dies?  Well, he/she is in a better place.  You kill yourself to follow and you’re going to Hell.  The only explanation is that it is God’s choice who lives and who dies, but then God is responsible for the continued life of serial killers, rapists, terrorists, tyrants, and politicians and responsible for the deaths of countless innocent children, adults, great men and wise teachers.  Not only that, but many of the serial killers and tyrants say that God is on their side.  Talk about mixed messages.

    Prayer is what you do when you’ve given up actually trying to make things better.  How about we leave everyone’s life up to them and stop trying to explain right and wrong when your reasons don’t make sense?

  2. More proof its just a fancied up death cult … with an ex Hitler-youth at the helm – perfect!

  3. If the pope cant accept the fact that people are suffering and that the only way out is to “Pull the Plug” then he needs to get his priorities straight.

    The end to suffer of those that are dieing is probly the best thing that you could do for anyone.

    So as i like to think the Pope is less holy than the rest of us.

  4. So as i like to think the Pope is less holy than the rest of us.

    You’d have to define ‘holy’ first.  Religion is good with circular logic.

    Someone is pious because they believe in God.  They believe in God because they are pious.  In that sense, then perhaps the Pope is the most ‘holy’  Doesn’t really matter though, does it?

    God isn’t good because of the things he did.  His followers are well aware of the bad things he does/did (like genocide, cruelty, bigotry, etc), but you start talking about those things and you get the “mysterious plan” defense.  So we’re supposed to believe in him despite what would otherwise be considered crimes against humanity?  He’s good because he’s divine.  He’s divine because he’s good.

    Yeah… bite me.

    It’s interesting that the Catholics believe we are indebted to Jesus from birth because he ‘saved’ us (without being very clear on how and from what). Indeed we are still held accountable for what happened in the Garden of Eden, yet God owes us nothing for the civilizations he supposedly destroyed and the rape and plunder he did (either directly or by his command), or for all the atrocities committed in his name or for all the suffering that continues on his watch.

    I find it amazing that any scientist (or any rational being) could still believe in a creature like that, even if we had conclusive proof he existed.

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