Nutcases think Obama is either Hitler or the Antichrist.

You really can’t out-crazy the True Believers™ because they’re not living in the same reality you are. You can get a certain amount of amusement out of pitting them against one another though, as shown in this segment from The Daily Show:

I can’t tell you the number of face palms I did while watching that segment. The fact that Jason Jones didn’t even have to pretend to be taking them seriously in order for them to spout their insanity says a lot. The fact that CNN and Faux News gave these idiots airtime is frightening.

Found over at Boulder Dude’s blog.

6 thoughts on “Nutcases think Obama is either Hitler or the Antichrist.

  1. It is truly sad that these people are given air time. There are so many more colorful crazies walking the streets of our cities who would be far more entertaining.

    The Usual Suspects reference was quite nice, though. smile

  2. Crazy, insane, stupid, world. Obama is owned! He is corrupt, any half wit can find these things out well before they voted for him. No honest man ever makes it as commander in chief of the state. Is it not time you had true constitutional laws and scrapped all unconsistituional laws that are void as if they never existed because they break constitutional law. And yes, free speech is one of those laws, the United States of America is meant to have a Constitutional Rebuplic Democracy not one that fascist – dictators use in Europe known as Communists/Socialists or Nazis…..that is how such people get in power – through either pure democracy or representative democracy, America has lost its way. it is time you all stood up and build freedom – build new government based on the Constitutional law! Things won’t change until the corrupt filth are replaced with honest men and women. Under the law the Supreme law of the USA is in fact the Constitutional LAW! Not federal or state laws, but the law and government that the constitution allows, if any laws are not in agreement or infringe or violate the constitution they are automatically void.

    Oh, I am forgetting the beautiful fake talk, yes, from the feint man! The one that talks, talks, talks, talks, talks, talks of change, never will happen! He is funded by the same as all the others, he admits it, yet Americans still believe real change will happen, when all you have is status quo. He will go to more wars, he does not deny this, he contradicts himself as much as other leaders if not more – you do have to watch enough of his speeches to see this and look at how he told so many different state locals opposing things – basically what they wanted to hear then contradicted that in another state – up to the run for the election, the man is a fake, is owned, always was, always will be! 100% genuine filth. Just like the others!, oh and yes, Bush and Clinton also spoke of great change! Funny how you have memory loss. How is that lawsuit coming along that is against obama?!!! The media like to black that one out very much.

  3. Do I detect a trace of bitterness, here? I thought Mark Twain died in 1910. Hmmmm.  tongue wink

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