My wife got a fractured fibula for her birthday.

Friday was Anne’s birthday and it didn’t start out so great. The night before while at work she managed to twist her ankle getting out of a vehicle and gave herself a closed fracture of the fibula in her left leg near the ankle. We spent most of the evening at the clinic her company sent her to and when we left she was sporting a brace and crutches. We both ended up taking Friday off in part due to lack of sleep as we didn’t get out of the clinic until after midnight. The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful and spent mostly relaxing with Anne’s foot up as much as possible. Managed to watch both Hancock and Beowolf on Blu-ray over the weekend and then Sunday we went over to the in-laws to celebrate Anne’s birthday.

As you can tell I didn’t pay too much attention to the blog during all of this. Now you know why.

13 thoughts on “My wife got a fractured fibula for her birthday.

  1. That sucks.  Hope it heals quickly for her!  My Bday last year was spend miserably, painfully pregnant and in the hospital while my son had surgery.  I know all about sucky bdays!

  2. My condolances to your wife. I feel her pain, really. Here’s a piece of advice: Get a walker.
    I slipped on ice three months ago, broke my fibula and tibia (near the ankle)and needed ten screws. I have been using a walker ever since. We borrowed it from the local senior center (even though I’m not a senior). It is so much easier and safer to use than crutches.

    I hope she heals quickly. And I expect you will wait on her hand and foot and fulfill her every need while she’s laid up.

  3. That sucks for Anne.

    Hope it heals well and a belated happy B-Day.

    Does Anne have a Amazon wish list?

  4. Yes she is. As it turns out she may not have a closed fracture after all. The clinic called yesterday and said that the person who made the initial diagnosis was just a P.A. and when they had their bone specialist look at the x-rays he said there wasn’t a fracture at all.

    So now they think it’s just a really bad sprain, but she’s still on the same work restrictions until at least her follow up visit with the doctor tomorrow. It’s getting to be a bit like a soap opera.

  5. All the best to Anne.  And a sprain must be treated with the same respect as a fracture: it can be just as painful, and take just as long to heal.  Happened to me once: I slipped and fell only a foot or so, but landed badly, and sprained my ankle so that I literally could not walk for three days, and limped for six weeks.

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