Momma’s having a Birthday!

Today she turns a youthful 74-years-old. Go drop by her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!

3 thoughts on “Momma’s having a Birthday!

  1. The link to momma’s corner appears to be inaccurate. That, or your momma looks very young for her age.
    congratulations to her, anyways.
    first time commenting: have you considered using the ReCaptcha system that Dave’s blog has mentioned?

  2. The domain expired and I somehow missed the notification that it was due. It should be back shortly.

    I’ve not looked into Re-captcha as of yet in part because until very recently it wasn’t available to ExpressionEngine users. I believe someone just released a plugin for EE that’ll use it. I often forgot that I even have captchas because if you register an account and login it removes everything but the box to type your comment in and the submit/preview buttons.

  3. A belated happy birthday.

    The belated ones are always better because they are unexpected !

    26 more to go and a telegram?

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