Indie film based on Half Life 2 - Escape From City 17 - is incredible!

Independent film makers Purchase Brothers have put together a film based on Valve’s Half-Life 2 video game. If Valve is smart they’ll hire these guys to make a full blown film. Check it:

Supposedly this only cost around $500 to make. Found over at Joystiq

6 thoughts on “Indie film based on Half Life 2 - Escape From City 17 - is incredible!

  1. Like a trailer for a movie, don’t believe they did that on $500 though.

    Think you are right Les, could make an entertaining movie.

  2. EyesOnly:

    Why not?  I mean, what in it would be all that expensive?  Assume that the few actors in it are doing it for free, that leaves us with:

    Props (a $10 walkie-talkie, $5 crow-bar, and some presumable fake guns)

    Location (a trainyard…fair to assume they didn’t ask permission, so: free)

    Camera (probably the bulk of the cost, although digital cam are pretty cheap for the low models $200-300 maybe)

    Computer generated SFX and audio (a regular desktop, presumably they already had, and a quick bit of software piracy for the requsite programs…free-ish)

    So, yeah.  I can totally see $500, or less.  And i’m not diminishing it in any way, i think they did a bang-up job and i’m sure it was a lot of effort to get a product that good.  Still, the lim-fac here is time and skill, not money per se.

  3. Enigma.

    If you called in a lot of favours and got everyone working for free then that would reduce the cost greatly.

    The cost of props though can easily run up into thousands for costumes alone.

  4. The movie was sent to Valve and they approve of it. It was featured on Steam update news. I think they could throw some money at this.

  5. Even if the guns weren’t real, replicas that are that realistic still cost a couple hundred dollars.

    I only see this being done for less than $500 with a lot of free labor and borrowed/donated props.

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