Inadvertently hip and cool.

I work with a lot of younger people at my job. Most of them are in their early twenties because it’s the sort of job that pays fairly well while you’re going to college and it’s right there in a multiple college town. We have our fair share of hip-hop fans who wear their pants so low that if they didn’t have boxers on then their entire ass would be hanging out. It’s a fashion trend I don’t completely understand, but as it turns out I’m guilty of it myself. Though in my case it’s less to do with a youthful rebellious streak than it is with the fact that I have no ass to speak of and a waist that’s too big.

If I don’t keep tugging at my belt I end up with the back of my jeans hanging down in a sad parody of the hipper, cooler kids. I also tend to wear boxers with those jeans so I fit right in so long as you overlook the fact that I am not a hip, cool, early 20-something youth and am in fact a middle-aged, fat, nearly bald, white guy. My one saving grace is a tendency to wear really large shirts that I don’t tuck in so they cover my sagging trousers and keep my boxers from being bared to all who pass by. Still it’s an interesting thing we have in common. Even if it is unintentional and no where near as cool on my part.

6 thoughts on “Inadvertently hip and cool.

  1. fashion is an art, meaning it only depends on emotions while there is no logic how so ever.
    what makes the saggy pants any worse than ties?
    as an alien coming to earth you would find ties very irrational since the do nothing.
    and hey your beard is kindda hip and was very popular since the 60s until the early 90s.

  2. I believe the fad was originally called jailing and was meant to mimic a tough, jailhouse look in inner city neighborhoods. The idea being that when you go to jail they take your belt away…..

  3. KPG- they still do it, despite the fact they have elasticated sweat-pants.  That and they all speak Ja-fake-ian.  I won’t worry until Les starts saying ‘init, blood’.

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