In memory of friends fallen.

William Vesper Owen IV
In memory of William Vesper Owen IV.
6/15/67 to 2/17/03

It has been six years since my best friend was killed by a glorified meter maid with delusions of grandeur. It doesn’t feel like six years. The wound left by this loss has long since scarred over, but it remains tender. Time has healed me enough that I missed putting up a memorial post for the past couple of years, the last one was in 2006, but the pain is still fresh enough that thinking about it causes my eyes to well up all over again. Which is probably why I try not to think about it for very long anymore. I managed to remember to post on his birthdays until 2007, though, only missing last year’s date. In a little over four months Bill would be turning 42 if he had lived.

I still have the small photo gallery I put together back when it first happened. There’s only a dozen or so photos in it. I keep meaning to dig through old photos and see if there’s any more I can put up. One of my regrets is that I’d known Bill since high school and yet didn’t have a lot of pictures of him and I together. Countless hours spent playing pen and paper RPGs, watching movies, hanging out at the mall, playing video games, and just generally spending time together and it rarely occurred to me to pull out a camera. Wish I had now.

Got someone in your life you cherish? Now would be a good time to pull out that expensive digital camera you bought and take a snap. Or just use that crappy one on your cell phone. Or one of the disposable cameras you bought at the dollar store. If you can then make sure you get in the shot as well. When they ask what the occasion is tell them there isn’t one. Just felt like a good time to preserve the moment. To freeze real life at a spot in time that has no special significance other than you happened to be together and had a camera on hand. Some day someone will appreciate that you took the effort.

The asshat who hit him, Argon “Gary” Seiko, was charged with manslaughter. Because he had no prior record he was sentenced to two years of probation and 200 hours of community service. It’s been four years since his probation was lifted. He appears to have kept himself out of the news since then.

5 thoughts on “In memory of friends fallen.

  1. As it gets closer to my birthday I too think of Bill.  Such a waste of a wonderful life and friend.  But it is a way of life for some people to be missed and remembered.

  2. I feel for you man! Lost a friend by a drunk driver many years ago. My friend was one of the best people I had a chance to meet. Then my wife and I lost another friend in the Nebraska mall shooting. Again one of the best people we ever met.

    It sucks as it sometimes seems the great ones go too early. The best thing I have found is to remember the good times and focus on the fun memories. It helps every time I get down.

  3. Six years and still in our hearts.  And true we should take more pictures!  I have that great one of him and I at Mom and Dad’s anniversary party that I treasure.

  4. Les,
    Thanks for posting this. It’s important to remember our fallen comrades, and I feel privileged to know about your friend Bill, and am sorry and outraged about your loss. I read your blog daily, though I rarely comment, and this post helps me know you a bit better. The world is full of pain, but it’s full of great moments and good people too, so taking the time to acknowledge them, living or dead, makes us all more human.
    Thanks. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for Bill, and for you, today.

  5. You’re more than welcome, Molly. Considering all the snarky comments I usually post I think it’s worthwhile to remind people that I am a human being and do care about others. SEB is my place to vent so sometimes the image people get of me is a bit skewed.

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