In honor of “National Pancake Day” IHOP is giving away free pancakes.

I love IHOP. I’m old enough to remember when it was The International House of Pancakes. I also love pancakes and free stuff is always nice too. So I may have to make some time today to visit the local IHOP and get me a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes. IHOP is giving away the pancakes in hopes that you will consider making a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network charity. Yes it’s a bit of self-promotion in support of a good cause. You can read up on the details here, but it’s free pancakes! What could be better than that?

OK, free money would be better, but you take your freebies where you can get them.

10 thoughts on “In honor of “National Pancake Day” IHOP is giving away free pancakes.

  1. I don’t like IHOP that much…I prefer Waffle House…but they don’t have them this for north.  The closest one to us is at least 4 hours away.  🙁

  2. Yes, I made whole wheat pancakes this AM to share w/hubby.  It is Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) after all!


  3. No Waffle Houses are one of the reasons it’s likely I could never survive in a foreign country as an expat. Hell, I could hardly take Hawai’i and it was paradise – because I missed thunderstorms and Whataburger? It’s amazing what things become really important to you as far as homesickness goes.

    Never cared for IHOP though… I guess when I was in the stumbling in at 4am for breakfast part of my life it was always Waffle House and Denny’s. The coffee was always better and everything was cheaper than at IHOP.

  4. It’s not “The International House of Pancakes”?  I always thought they were just keeping it short for people to remember.  🙁

  5. I-Hurl is a daily freak show here, so I’m guessing it will be particularly bad on free pancake day.

    They don’t serve buckwheat cakes in MN – at IHOP or anyplace else for that matter. Not a big seller in this Nordic land. Guess I have to go a little south to find those.

    And yes, I have to agree with the others on the Waffle House preference. Lived in the South briefly many years ago, and miss the food there. Once in a while I get sent there on business and I always head for some good barbecue for dinner, and a WH for breakfast.

  6. Huh. Apparently I’m the only person left who likes IHOP. Which is weird because the damn place is always busy as hell when I try to go there.

  7. I’m really not a big fan of breakfast in general, and when I do go out for it I usually don’t want something foo-foo like pancakes. Something horrible and delicious done to a potato involving cheese and jalapeño peppers on a flat iron grill? Crispy edged fried eggs done up right next to my bacon? I definitely don’t want anything with sugar or whip cream or anything like that on my plate.

    Besides, Waffle Houses are entertaining places. I watched a drunk guy try to hold up a Waffle House with a rolled up newspaper with three cops in the joint one night. The Waffle House bathroom IS the perfect place to sleep it off while your more sober friends eat something on the way home. Waffle Houses are places where anything can happen. They’re just a few beers shy of your favorite dive joint one night, and a Red State rallying point the next. It’s like everything great and horrible about the South in a single restaurant.


  8. Took my family to IHOP this morning. I do like their pancakes, better than Denny’s. I had 2 eggs over easy on the side for $2.18. 2 coffees were $5.48. But, the pancakes were free, and I donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.

  9. I can’t let Les stand alone—not while IHOP’s reputation is at stake.  When I lived in Florida, everybody mocked the Waffle House, calling it the ‘Awful House.”  I’ve never eaten there myself.

    The IHOP by where I live now stays very busy.  Every Saturday and Sunday it’s at least a 30-minute wait from 7am to 3pm. Their stuffed french toast is mildly addictive. 

    Anybody else talks trash on IHOP, I’ll pin them down until they say “Crepes are delicious.”

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